Luzhou Laojiao invested to establish Gaoguang Sales Company, and the 387 million shares of *ST Sino-Portuguese were frozen

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Coca Cola Europacific Partners Australia has announced that it is selling its interest in the Australian beer company to its joint venture partner Casella Family Brands.The company’s future focus will be on spirits, RTD and non-alcoholic beverages.On January 27, Luzhou Laojiao Guojiao Wine Sales Co., Ltd. added a new foreign investment, the investment enterprise is Luzhou Laojiao Gaoguang Wine Sales Co., LTD.The registered capital of the company is 10 million yuan, the business scope includes alcohol business;Food sales;Labor service (excluding labor dispatch);Enterprise management consulting, etc.Wholly owned by Luzhou Laojiao Guojiao Wine Sales Co., LTD.*ST Zhongportuguese 387 million shares frozen February 7, *ST Zhongportuguese announced that on January 30, the company received a notification letter from the controlling shareholder Citic Guoan Group Co., LTD., and the concerted action of Citic Guoan Investment Co., LTD., Guoan Group holding 387 million shares of the company has been frozen by the judiciary or waiting for freezing,Accounting for 34.48% of the company’s total share capital.The controlling shareholder is ruled by The First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing to accept the restructuring application and enter the restructuring procedure, which may lead to the change of the control right of the company, and there is a risk of the change of the control right of the company.On February 7, Anhui Gujing Distillery Company Limited announced that it has purchased the wealth management product of large-denomination certificate of deposit (CD) from the bank with an annual yield of 2% with the starting date of Interest on January 28, 2022 and the maturity date on January 28, 2023.On February 8, guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced 2,500 key private investment projects in 2022 in Guizhou province, with a planned annual investment of 421,411 billion yuan, 68 of which are related to the wine industry.According to incomplete statistics, guizhou is expected to add 287,100 tons of new capacity in 2022, doubling the existing capacity, with a total investment of 77.694 billion yuan.On February 8th, Shanghai GUI Bafang Wine Co., Ltd. added a new foreign investment project, the investment enterprise is Shanghai GUI Bafang Wine Co., LTD., the business scope includes food sales, wine management, import and export of goods, etc.The registered capital of the company is 6 million yuan, wholly-owned by Shanghai Guijiu.On February 8, Kouzijiao announced that it had used some of its idle funds to buy financial products from securities brokerages. The entrusted financial products amounted to 80 million yuan, and the entrusted financial products were haitong Card coupon “Yitong CAI, Wealth Management Treasure” series of income certificates.The term of the product is 91 days, and the entrusted party is Haitong Securities Co., LTD.Institutions concerned about high-end liquor certainty xiao Wine learned on February 14, year to date, the Chinese liquor index fell more than 10%.As of Feb. 11, the Wind Liquor index rose 1.92% on Friday, while the index has fallen nearly 14% so far this year.However, looking to the future of the liquor plate, the agency for the first quarter of the liquor enterprise payback status, the certainty of high-end liquor and the market continues to expand the prospects of sub-high-end liquor still maintain confidence.Welcome all enterprises to contribute!Email: