Science and technology to make Yunnan public security management precision force

2022-06-15 0 By

This article is from:People’s Daily online since this year, the yunnan province public security department security management team made solid progress “I does the practical work for the masses” practice, deepening the reform of “pipes”, the construction of “entertainment venues and special industry in yunnan province public security control system” (hereinafter referred to as the pipe system), and promote the use, the power to public security management work into new and powerful technology,Effectively improve the public security organs of the public security management capacity and service level.Industry place public security management work related to entertainment service, overhaul, pawn enterprises and individual business owners, such as the size of large number and many practitioners, pipe system integrate gathering places of all kinds of industry will be dispersed data, based on accurate data structures, yunnan public security administrative licensing for the record industry places platform, yunnan electronic seal public service platform,And corresponding to the development of Yunnan public security industry site management, Yunnan electronic seals and other wechat small programs, users in different industries can log in the system according to the authentication of corresponding operations, police can also use a system for centralized management of different industries, to maximize the convenience of enterprise users and police.Administrative license filing is handled through one network.Through the yunnan public security administrative licensing for the record industry places platform, industry business owners will be able to online to submit the application materials, the public security organ for examination and approval of online verification, the system automatically and distributing digital “special trade license” yunnan, province unified standard, unified transaction process, the entire online for out of contact, the fastest can be issuing, all material electronic retained for a long time,Truly achieved “let the data run more road, let the masses less errands”.Electronic seals are distributed on the Internet and free of charge.Public service platform for real-time receiving electronic seal in yunnan province market supervision bureau “the window of a registration system” push has approved the new enterprise information, use the advanced technology such as block chain for enterprises to produce safe and reliable electronic seal, seal impression and synchronous generate entity, to realize the free to the province enterprises “electricity homologous” target of electronic seals.In the micro program of yunnan Public security industry site management, the police can carry out law enforcement inspection activities on the operation situation, employees, equipment and facilities, fire safety, public security safety, pornography, gambling and drugs related situations in the industry site, collect fixed scene video and picture information, and record the punishment and treatment situation.Business owners of industrial sites can inquire and maintain information of enterprises and employees, receive notices from public security organs in time, inquire information of public security inspection and feedback the rectification work, and provide clues of illegal crimes to police stations and police under their jurisdiction.