Sky-high bride price should not be allowed

2022-06-15 0 By

Chen Na, a commentator on China Rural Network, recently attracted attention online with a story about a girlfriend being dragged away for failing to pay 500,000 yuan in bride price.Let the author can not help but contact in recent years about the bride price of some discussion upsurge, talk about a few shallow views.Why do we talk about betrothal price?Some say that betrothal gifts are feudal cultural dregs, some say that betrothal gifts are emotional promises, and some say that they are a mirror that can reflect the weight in each other’s heart.In reality, the custom of giving betrothal gifts after marriage is widespread.Bride price and dowry can be the name of the parents for the newly established small family, happy wishes for the children’s love and family harmony, but should not become excessive taste, and must not become a pretext for collecting money.Why should we curb the habit of sky-high betrothal gifts in rural areas?This is mainly because in recent years, the sky-high price of bride price in rural areas have been seen frequently, and we ordinary farmers have been dragged into it with unbearable burden and suffering.At this point, “official guidance” offers a solution.From 2019 to 2021, the Guidance Department of Rural Cooperative Economy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released a number of typical rural governance cases each year for three consecutive years, all of which involved breaking the bad habits of marriage and funeral.Agricultural NongCunBu in December last year, the national rural revitalization bureau jointly issued the regulation in view of the countryside, and the price is the dowry, high-profile wedding unhealthy practices “picture” is provided around the “copy homework” template, handan city, hebei province township area in villagers’ autonomy way promote fat, play a role of party members and cadres take the lead, strengthening propaganda and education and the practice of public service,For county level how to manage sky-high price bride price “dozen a kind son”.Of course, in curbing the habit of sky-high bride price in rural areas, we are actually opposed to the traditional paternalistic approach, and want to change the old model of women being confined to children in the kitchen. We want to pursue and advocate the voluntary union of two independent individuals in marriage, and strive for a better life together.Let individual value play out to a greater extent under the premise of adapting to social changes.Wish sky-high bride price will no longer be the obstacle of marriage.Source: China Rural Net editor: Zhang Jing Supervision: Guo Jingheng