The Webb telescope is sending back pictures for the first time

2022-06-15 0 By

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured starlight for the first time and sent back a selfie, the us space agency announced Thursday.Starlight images from the Webb Space Telescope show 18 bright spots scattered in total darkness.This is a different image of the same star captured by the 18 lenses of the Webb Space Telescope’s primary mirror.The Webb Space Telescope has photographed a star 258 light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major, AP reported Tuesday, citing NASA.NASA also released a webb Space Telescope selfie, a black and white image of the 18-lens primary mirror taken by the secondary mirror.One lens in the photo stands out because it is pointed at a star.In front of the webb space Telescope’s primary mirror is an 8-meter rod with a secondary mirror.NASA officials say all the lenses of the Webb space Telescope’s primary mirror are working normally.Over the next few months, the Webb Space Telescope will adjust the 18 lenses to focus on one lens, and it expects to begin scientific observations by the end of June.The Webb space Telescope mission has four main objectives: to find the first galaxies born in the universe more than 13.5 billion years ago;Studying the stages of galactic evolution;Observing the formation of star and planetary systems;To determine the physical and chemical properties of planetary systems, including those of the solar system, and to study the possibility of life in other planetary systems.The $10 billion Webb Space Telescope is the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built by NASA. Its primary mirror is 6.5 meters in diameter and consists of 18 giant hexagonal lenses.Equipped with 5 layers of expandable sun visor.The Webb Space Telescope was launched from kourou Space Center in French Guiana on December 25 and entered orbit around the Second Lagrange point of the Solar System, about 1.5 million kilometers above Earth, a month later.(Yuan Yuan)