The latest!The “no in, no out” policy has been lifted

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At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in The autonomous region on Sunday, one new local confirmed case was found in a centralized quarantine site in Debao County, Baise City, between 12 noon on February 14 and 8 am on February 15, 2022.As of 8 am on February 15, a total of 269 local confirmed cases had been reported in The region, including 229 in Debao County of Baze city, 32 in Jingxi City, 3 in Youjiang District, 2 in Tianyang District, 1 in Longlin County, 1 in Pingguo City and 1 in Jiangnan District of Nanning City.All positive patients have been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation and treatment, and their cases are in stable condition.From February 5 to February 8, the epidemic was on the rise.After 9 February, the number of cases decreased to 1 on 14 February, after dropping to 6 in single digits on 13 February.At present, the community transmission chain of the epidemic in Baise has been basically blocked, social gatherings have been basically cleared, the “no entry, no exit” control measures have been lifted in Baise city, and the economic and social development has been restored in an orderly manner. The epidemic prevention and control work in Baise has achieved significant progress at the current stage.A new local confirmed case was reported in Baise City of Guangxi from 0:00 to 24:00 on February 14, 2008.As of 24:00 On February 14, there were 269 locally confirmed cases in Guangxi, including 268 in Baise city and one in Nanning city.Four new confirmed cases were reported from abroad, including two in Chongzuo and two in Fangchenggang, while nine asymptomatic cases were reported in Chongzuo.Five asymptomatic imported cases were removed from medical observation, including four in Chongzuo city and one in Qinzhou City.There were 97 confirmed cases imported from abroad, including 78 in Chongzuo, 12 in Qinzhou and seven in Fangchenggang, and 159 asymptomatic cases imported from abroad, including 151 in Chongzuo, seven in Qinzhou and one in Nanning.There were 143 new close contacts and 25 close contacts released from medical observation, bringing the total number of close contacts to 4,776.Guangxi currently has 270 locally confirmed cases, including 268 in Baise city, 1 in Nanning city, and 1 in Chongzuo City (reported on January 16, 2022), and 1 asymptomatic case in Chongzuo City (reported on December 8, 2021).A total of 1,007 confirmed cases have been reported in Guangxi, of which 638 have been cured and discharged from the hospital, including two deaths. A total of 367 confirmed cases have been treated in Guangxi.In order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development and carry out epidemic prevention and control in a precise and scientific way,In accordance with the Notice on The Issuance of Community Prevention and Control Plans for COVID-19 Outbreak issued by the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council (JcACC no. 2021), the following notices are hereby issued on the orderly lifting of community control and control in Baise city:1. From 0:00 on February 15, the “no entry or exit” control measures outside Baise city will be lifted. High-speed rail, expressways and airlines will resume normal traffic, and highway and waterway passenger transport will resume normal operation.In principle, it is not necessary for the general public to leave the city. If it is necessary to leave the city, they should report to their township (town) or street and hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.2. No positive infection has been reported in this round, and no positive infection has been detected in the nucleic acid screening of tiandong, Napo, Lingyun, Leye, Tianlin and Xilin counties after 7 days of region-wide control. The region-wide control has been lifted and normalized prevention and control has been implemented.Three, the positive patients, the entire domain control for 7 days and 3 sub-regions of the nucleic acid no positie infection of the county (city, area) : youjiang area, Tian Yang area, longlin county, pingguo, four counties (city, area), in addition to seal centralization, control, guard against outside, other area can be lifted controls, to a normal control.Iv. Debao County and Jingxi City: The existing control measures will continue to be implemented, and the specific time of lifting the control will be determined according to the lifting of medium-high risk areas.In the process of implementation, the standards for lifting the containment zone, control zone and prevention zone shall be lifted. The corresponding prevention and control measures shall be maintained before lifting, and the measures shall be lifted after evaluation according to the standards.V. Before resuming work and production, all industries and units shall, in accordance with relevant prevention and control guidelines, strictly implement the requirements of appointment, flow restriction and peak shift, earnestly implement measures such as temperature measurement, wearing masks and one-meter noodles, etc., and speed up the orderly resumption of work and production after the approval of the competent authorities and the CDC.Gathering activities such as dinner parties are strictly prohibited.Residents should enhance their awareness of prevention, take the initiative to take good personal protection, cooperate with the community “five packs” staff to do their own health management, and immediately report abnormal symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough, chest tightness and diarrhea.Baise COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters on February 14, 2022 the baise city government web related screenshot released about debao county seal centralization, control, prevention and management measures of notice according to the baise debao county epidemic situation, the comprehensive assessments, debao county, epidemic prevention and control command decision, since February 14, 2022,Part of the area has been adjusted to be enclosed control area and controlled area. Now the specific list and management measures are published as follows:Duan Township 2. Vienna International Hotel, Chengguan Town 3. West Second Street, Nanlong Community 4. Shangshuotun, Xidu Village, Chengguan Town (added) 5.Unit 2, Building E, Deli Villa, Chengguan Town (added) 6. Building A, Guihua Villa, Xinlong Road, Chengguan Town (added) 7.Unit 5, Building D2, Huayin Phase III (Yulongwan), Chengguan Town 8. Unit 2, Building 1, Fangshanyuan Community, Chengguan TownUnit 1, Building 19, Dongqi Economic Community, Chengguan Town (added) unit 1, Building 3, Qianlong Community, Chengguan Town (added)Duoguotun, Longzheng Village, Jingde Town (new) 2. Control Area 1. Urban Area of Debao County 2. Longzheng Village, Jingde Town (new) 3.Dongling Town Dengxian Village (newly added) iii. Prevention Area 1. Debao CountyThe implementation of “closed area, stay at home, door-to-door service” management measures.(II) Control area.Implement the management measures of “people do not leave the area, strictly prohibit gathering”.(3) Containment area.Implement the management measures of “strengthening social meeting control and strictly limiting the gathering of people”.Debao county COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters on February 14, 2022, about our source: guangxi news channel, CCTV news client, baise COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters, debao county COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work leading group command duty editor: Liang Yuan sail editor: jiang yulin kosi daily media matrix