Tongzhai Village, Huanggang: A blueberry brings new changes

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“Blueberries are growing well this year after the snow.”On February 11, the blueberry base in Tongzhai Village, Dingqian Town, Huangmei County, was full of green plants. Liu Songqing, a poverty-stricken farmer in the village, appeared at around 9 am as usual, busy with the management of fruit trees over winter.”Working in blueberry base, my personal income was more than 40,000 yuan last year, and my family had a good year.””After the blueberry base was built, there were fewer migrant workers.””There are more than 700 poor families working on the base, from more than 10 villages in the surrounding area,” said Wang Tianzhu, the village secretary.”In the past, it was all barren hills with many mountains and few fields. It was a famous poor village and hollow village.”Liu Songqing said.How to turn barren and barren mountains into arable land, Wang Tianzhu found his younger brother Wang Tianshou, an executive of a listed company in Nanjing. After repeated discussions, he thought he could develop blueberry industry in his hometown.Known as the “queen of fruits” because of its anthocyanins, blueberries used to be grown mainly in the north.Wang Tianshou invited experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct scientific demonstration on the geographical location, soil, climate and other data of Tongzhai Village, and decided to invest 120 million yuan in advance to establish Hubei Ziyu Blueberry Technology Co., LTD., and invest 500 million yuan in succession to build an industrial chain and develop blueberry juice and other blueberry products.Now Tongzhai village and several surrounding villages planted a total of 15 thousand mu of blueberries, the former barren mountain into today’s cornucopia.According to Wang tianzhu, a blueberry fruit tree can produce about 40 jin of fruit, and the price for each jin picked by tourists is 50 yuan. One mu of blueberries can produce more than 10,000 yuan.Processed blueberry products are more expensive.”Like the one I’m holding in my hand, 100 milliliters of 100 percent blueberry juice retails for 16 yuan a cup at the market.”Liu Tao, manager of Hubei Ziyu Blueberry Technology Co LTD, said, “A third of our harvest goes to the market through fresh fruit sales every year.The other two thirds are made into blueberry juice, blueberry sauce, health wine and other products.”Purple jade blueberry technology company has two cold storage of 3000 square meters, storage capacity of 5000 tons.More than 700 people were employed in the “chain”, with an average income increase of 8,000 yuan.”Although the blueberries are popular now, when I first started planting blueberries, I did work from door to door. At that time, there were only old people left behind in the village and they were conservative. I patted my chest and gave them military orders.”Wang Tianzhu said with a smile, “Fortunately, today all this is worthy of yesterday’s promise.”Wang Tianshou introduced that the company will also introduce research and development talents, in-depth development of blueberry capsules, blueberry eye health products, blueberry elderly health products, blueberry pigment and other blueberry health products, and constantly improve the industrial development level and industry chain.For the formation of industry cluster effect, high-quality joint related enterprises to build base of tourism highway, blueberries and docking fir, stop before the town ten sightseeing corridor, form a complete set of perfect blueberry ecological demonstration park venues and other infrastructure, road traffic, parking lot, blueberry characteristics catering, ecology, leisure, entertainment, sightseeing in a body’s blueberry leisure sightseeing park.More than ten years ago, the reporter once came to this village for an interview. At that time, the road was narrow and the land was bare and barren.Today’s Tongzhai village looks new, the road is wider, the house is higher, the water is clear, the mountains are green, driving to blueberry base on the way, nearby flowers and plants, miao Ling fragrance in the distance, a beautiful and tranquil pastoral scenery.Walk in the village, mass service center, cultural square, village level primary school, village level happiness hospital……In recent years, Tongzhai Village has been selected as “provincial beautiful Village Demonstration Key Village” and “provincial green ecological demonstration village”.”Not only did we get out of poverty, but our life became richer and richer, all because we had a good leader.”Shake off poverty stone belt group hearty laughter.Village secretary Wang Tianzhu: thanks to the party’s good policy, let us take this train home, let blueberry this golden bean in tong Zhai sprout, shine.We have got out of poverty and become rich. We should lead more villagers around us to walk on the road of common prosperity.Huangmei county, blueberry and related industries have become huangmei “one county, one product” characteristic pillar industry.By 2025, the blueberry planting area of the county strives to expand to about 50,000 mu, blueberry intensive and deep processing capacity of 25,000 tons, the annual output value of 2.5 billion yuan, to create the “national blueberry town”.(source: Hubei Daily client) For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.