15 floor | financial positions grant funds base civilian: “how can I earn from 200000 to 700000 deficit”

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“It was a hard lesson not to put too much faith in star fund managers.”From the beginning of a 10% gain to a loss of more than 30%.Wang Qi (pseudonym) has been on A roller coaster ride in his investment career for nearly half A year.On September 2, 2021, Wang Qi bought “CEIBS Medical Innovation A” with A heavy position of 2 million yuan. At that time, the fund had just experienced A wave of withdrawal of nearly 10%.Wang qi sees this as an opportunity.In just a few days, Wang’s account rose 10%.”At that time, I was very excited, I thought I was possessed by a gay god, and I also posted a special moment to praise the goddess of medicine Grenn.”In mid-September, Wang sold the fund at the peak of the wave, making a profit of nearly 200,000 yuan.At the time, he posted his return on wechat with the caption: “Please call me God.”In mid-November 2021, “CEIBS Medical Innovation A” fell back to the original price wang Qi bought.Wang Qi thinks, since this position buys can make money last time, this affirmation also won’t be wrong.He invested 2 million yuan in this fund again.A few days after the purchase, CEIbs healthcare A rose nearly 10 points.He once again hair circle of friends to show off the yield, and remarks: “not daily limit, but for every day up non-stop.”On November 26, Wang also showed his profit rate. He earned 190,000 yuan in CEIbs Healthcare A, outperforming more than 95% of jimin in Beijing.At that time, many medical stocks of medical funds began to withdraw.Wang Qi thinks this is a temporary adjustment.”Take care of your medical care and stay seated.”From profit to deficit “often in the river walk which can not wet feet” pharmaceutical stock market in mid-December wind and rain mutation.Grenn’s “Central Europe Medical Innovation A” revenue curve is turning downward.On Dec. 20, Wang’s fund went from a gain of more than 10% to a loss of nearly 6%.”After all, I got caught once.”But Wang qi wasn’t panicking at the time. He thought the withdrawal was manageable.Mr Wang’s fund lost almost 8 per cent on December 28, but he thinks the worst is over and it is early spring, which is coming soon.Wang Qi did not stop loss, but chose to continue to hold positions.By January 6, 2022, Wang qi’s fund had retreated nearly 14 percent, with a loss of 350,000 yuan in principal.But Wang qi consoled himself: “You can’t walk by the river without getting your feet wet.”After the huge loss, Wang shouted: “Gulen will be nailed to the shame column.” By January 21, the continuous decline of the fund had become unbearable for Wang qi.He began Posting messages denouncing the former goddess of medicine: “Gulen is going to be notorious, crucified on a pillar of shame.”As of February 11, the largest withdrawal of CEIBS medical innovation A in the past year has reached 42.61%.Wang qi’s fund account showed a loss of 720,000 yuan.”I can’t even open my account.This is too much risk education.”In the past year ended Feb. 11, 2022, Gulen’s flagship europeAn-European Healthcare Mix A fell 37.4%.”China-eu Medical innovation A” has the highest retraction of 42.61%.A base civilian sighs in the forum: “did not think of buy fund than buy stock risk return big.”On February 10, there was a rumor in the market that recently there was a large special account for insurance fund redemptions of Grenn fund shares, redemptions reached 40 billion yuan, because of its high layout of many ningde times and other new energy varieties.Soon, cEIbs fund responded, the net spread “large redemption” is not real news, do not believe the rumor.Tough choice for Jimin: redemption or additional positions?”I was almost crying as I raised funds to cover my positions.”In the face of the sharp fall of holding funds, a base in the forum of the post caused everyone’s discussion.How should face fund drop sharply, the opinion of base civilian also presents polarization.Base people think, now this time is the opportunity to add cang, base people should fall more buy.Another part of the base people think, you do not know where the bottom, blind bottom may be copied in the hillside, the loss of the fund should as soon as possible “cut meat” out.Although the fund of glen management heavy warehouse shares in the near future trend is miserable, the net value of the fund product falls sharply, the base people are in the crazy warehouse.According to the TOP weekly sales list of funds on alipay finance channel, The sales volume of China-Europe Medical and health hybrid C managed by Grenn ranked first, with more than 300,000 people buying it in the past week.Among Tencent’s Wealth management platform, CEIb Healthcare C ranked third in sales this week.From goddess of Medicine to “Aunt Ge” Gulen faces many doubts Not only Jimin, caught in the whirlpool of public opinion Gulen faces many doubts.For example, Gulen’s operating style at Its long-held Changchun High-tech has raised questions.According to Wind data, Changchun High-tech has fallen 38.71% since the beginning of this year, and its latest market value is only 67.3 billion yuan, a discount of nearly 70% from its peak in May last year.In the first quarter of 2021, Changchun High-tech was the third largest holding stock of CEIbs Medical and Health. Since then, with the expansion of CEIBS Medical and health and the change of Grenn’s position, Changchun High-tech has gradually dropped out of the top three holding stocks.Grenn in the third quarter of last year had substantially reduced the position of Changchun High-tech.At that time, Changchun High-tech was questioned whether its core product growth hormone would cause endocrine disorders and other side effects, so changchun High-tech suffered a huge drop in volume.In the fourth quarter of last year, Gulen again added to its holdings in Changchun High-tech, ranking the fifth largest circulating shareholder.However, according to the stock price performance of Changchun High-tech, the average stock price in the fourth quarter was higher than that in the third quarter. Gulen’s position swap operation was regarded as “chasing up the market and chasing down the market”, and some investors questioned whether it had sufficient research on the heavy stocks.Ye Qiu, an investor in Snowball, said that in June and July last year, six CXOs were among the top 10 holdings of Gulen Fund, along with Aier Ophthalmology and Tongce Medical.The average valuation of the entire position has already broken through 100PE.So obviously overvalued, how can you make money further up?Is it possible to rely on the valuation to 200PE, 300PE?Apparent bubble, whole fund still does not have as, all sorts of absorb fund, cannot limit explain buy quota?”Ultimately poor is the people, the so-called fund investment and long-term investment brainwashing, more and more buy, fund size not only did not decline, but broke through the level of 100 billion, also do not know monkey years to solve the set.In the first half of 2021, the China-Europe Medical Fund will add 5 million kilomuens, all of which will be locked up.”Grenn explained some of the fund’s operating logic in its Q4 report, saying: “We have generally maintained a high position, with a strong positioning in the direction of long-term positive innovation pharmaceutical industry chain, healthcare services, high-quality generic drug leaders and so on.From the perspective of the future configuration direction, the innovative pharmaceutical industry chain is still the most optimistic direction in the long term. From the top-level design of national policies to the innovation accumulation of domestic enterprises in recent years, the domestic innovative pharmaceutical industry chain remains in a state of high prosperity for a long time.In addition, with the improvement of domestic residents’ consumption power, knowledge structure and cognitive level, the penetration rate of products and services and residents’ ability to pay are continuously improving, leading enterprises in related industries also have long-term growth space.”Gulen’s long-term high position operation is also questioned by many base citizens.Cheng Cheng, a veteran of nearly 20 years of investment experience, said, “Star fund managers can’t be too conceited. They won’t have good results against the market or even empty positions when the market is bad.Is this the truth that general retail investor knows?”Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhu Kaiyun editor fan Hongwei