Ap: Pfizer petitioned U.S. regulators to require a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine for older adults

2022-06-16 0 By

Ma Huirui Sr. and its partner BioNTech on Tuesday asked U.S. regulators to authorize an additional dose of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine for the elderly, saying data from Israel suggested the elderly would benefit.Currently, the U.S. urges two primary shots for everyone 12 and older, followed by a booster dose a few months later, and the new model aims to add a fourth shot only for those over 65 who have been hardest hit by the pandemic, the AP reported.The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control must approve the request.If so, a key question will be how quickly the elderly are advised to roll up their sleeves.Although authorities say vaccinations continue to offer strong protection against severe diseases, they are not very good against milder infections, especially those caused by omicron mutants.With COVID-19 cases finally plummeting after the Omicron surge, public health experts are looking ahead to what might be needed next.If a new variant emerges, or unless it does, try to ramp up protection against the coronavirus in the fall while people get vaccinated against the flu.