Chen East and silkworm potatoes both defeated, the eagle eat chicken this into a dark horse, 9.4 points cool to the end!

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“Everything has a crack, that is where the light comes in”, let xiaobian to shine into your heart, to ease your anguish!Chen East and silkworm potatoes both defeated, the eagle eat chicken this into a dark horse, 9.4 points cool to the end!Priority: But with the development of the Silver city, part of the old street demolition, vendors have left, the old street gradually abandoned down, now is rarely inhabited, few people come to the old street side.Even the residents, most of them have moved away, even more dead than qiming community.The quiet street, flanked by some old houses and scattered lights, looked eerie.If time permits, Li Hao should wait slowly, drink a little bubble jianshui every day, slowly strengthen themselves, and then think of other things.However, time does not allow Li Hao to do so.Every day, for Li Hao, the danger is greater.Although he may be more powerful, however, the jianshui bubble also only made him more energetic, not enough to let Li Hao now have the strength to deal with red shadow.To Zhang Yuan, Li Hao on a purpose, he wanted to see the stone knife is not in.If stone dao still exists, it may be good news for Li Hao.If you can’t find it, it may be taken away by the red shadow and the forces behind it, which also means that Li Hao’s sword may be exposed, or even someone is playing his idea of this sword.Black panther silently followed Li Hao, in the dark, the black dog, is extremely humble.Priority: The South wind city as the county of Tianshu county, nature also has the existence of gold dragon treasure line, but also located in the city center of the most luxurious section.As Li Lo stepped from his chariot and looked at the splendid building in front of him, he could not help admiring, if not for the first time, the grandeur of a branch in a county, the wealth of jin Long’s treasures beyond one’s own imagining.Even Lorraine Hall is dwarfed by this behemoth.Jiang Qing e is dull to this, mou light has not seen much, it is to move directly to the treasure line inside and go, Li Luo saw it is hurriedly follow.Inside the magnificent treasure house, Jiang Took out a golden ticket and handed it to a maid, who examined it carefully and courteously welcomed them into the VIP room.Two people waited for a moment in the VIP room, it is to see a pearl, ten fingers are taking different color of the gem ring of the middle-aged fat face with a festive smile came in.”Ha ha, the original is loran house little house Lord and Miss Jiang great presence, when is really let me honor your humble home.”Have to say, can do things in this jin Longbao line of people, is indeed all things to all men, since the other side recognized Li Luo, nature also understand his situation now, but did not show the slightest slight, even the order of address, will Li Luo in front.”This is Lu, the chairman of Jin Longbao company in Tianshu county.”Kang apparently knew the other side and introduced li Lo to her.”Chairman Lu, take us to pick up the goods.”After the introduction, Jiang Qinge is to show a vigorous style.Lu nodded with a smile and turned around to lead the way. The three people walked through multiple access guards and finally seemed to be deep underground.(click below to read for free) the third book: “the other side of the deep space” author: Chen East wonderful excerpt priority: say this paragraph of the person is a male classmate from the new star, obviously drink too much, say some fierce material, is the old soil classmate did not hear the secret news.The plutocrat of new star ever dug out some extraordinary thing in old soil, had even found Buddha bone?!For example, in some religions, there are occasionally underground palaces under pagodas, hiding stone letters, iron letters, jade letters, golden culvers, etc., and buddhist bones and sarsaris are found all over the old soil. In addition, there are also unexpected harvest in the Taoist ancestral court, which I have explored many times later.The relics and the underground stone records tell a lot of stories, and the analysis of the relics by some of the most prestigious life institutes leads to scientific and accurate conclusions.Bodhisattvas, Lixian and Sanqing are supposed to be people of flesh and blood…”Wang Xuan asked Zhou Kun beside him whether these words were reliable.”It’s not very reliable. The bones, hair, and all kinds of things found in the underground palace can’t say anything for sure.””Zhou Kun whispered.Fortunately, he wasn’t drunk yet, and he went on: “Those who are found to be somewhat different from the legends of the Lixian and so on are considered to be strong people close to the enchanters.””So,” Wang Xuan asked, “the research on Xinxing has conclusive evidence that even the most powerful of the pre-Qin dynasties could not be easily killed by technological weapons?””Indeed, some research institutions have been fortunate enough to acquire the remains of a few of the magi, and after testing, they are indeed flesh and blood, and many technological weapons can kill them.”Wang Xuan’s rare sigh, his mood is very rare.For those who study the old art and want to go down this path, even those who are determined, such a conclusion is somewhat disheartening.(Click below to read for free) Whether the above share comfort your heart, if so, please leave small editor attention and collection, convenient next time to find oh ^