Crosstalk genius Luo Sang: died in a car accident at the age of 27, 8 yuan ious was saved by Guo Degang for 27 years

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In crosstalk guo Degang Deyunshe alone, now can compare with the crosstalk new forces are very few, perhaps only the early death of Lausanne and Guo Degang can pull the wrist, Guo Degang and Lausanne two old friends, youth and is a good brother, Guo Degang in crosstalk has been a great talent, Lausanne is gifted.All previous classics Guo Degang becomes deyun society eventually helmeterer, and Lausanne is only 27 years old however premature death, serve as the Guo Degang of close friend, mention Lausanne to conceal hard every time grief, former person already went, can take out collection 27 years of 8 yuan owe to remember a person.What did Lausanne go through from her fame in Lausanne to her death at the age of 27?Lausanne, in 011968, was born in kangding, sichuan is a charismatic kangba man, but the desire to give birth to a son of father happy is broken, out of no neighbor eat red eggs to convey news, lausanne, deep the father’s love unusually smart, eloquent loved singing, strong ability to learn, new songs and jokes, basic listening to it again, and forget the other kids,Only Lausanne can not forget, even can be fully displayed, and the original is almost the same, he grew up in the plateau area, also like the plateau enthusiastic.Wandering on the mountains, grassland, lausanne, where as long as there is a bird, there is a shadow, lausanne, strong ability to imitate is not just limited to people, he also good at imitating all kinds of insect songbirds, talent due to lausanne, decided to a solo road, rural parents firmly believe in “reading” is the only way out “, many rural children’s broad ideal, because of school and killed in the bud,Lausanne’s parents, however, were extremely open-minded. They did not force him to put study first, nor did they talk to him about some big things.Lausanne has become an anomaly in the village. The villagers don’t look down on him, and the rumors continue. Lausanne’s parents stand up for Him: “The most important thing is for your child to be happy.Lausanne, so moved, with the support of family, 13, lausanne, firing again, enter oneself for an examination the central college for nationalities, countless candidates, lausanne, with superhuman genius is abnormality admits, lausanne, strong learning ability, become the focus of the school to develop a target, vocal music teacher said he was singing talent, dance teacher kua he is a born dancer, expectations,After five years in Lausanne, he succeeded.Was graduated in 1968, to coincide with the lausanne recruiting new members, met the national total art ensemble to lausanne is very confident, to apply for the examination easily on the first results are employed in lausanne in art talent is wonderful, success for him is too easy, don’t try hard into old do, into the art ensemble of lausanne, feel the unprecedented frustration,Lausanne had put on weight since she was 16 or 17.The mesa he missed a lot of fat on performance opportunities, in the ensemble of lausanne, can only make tea to send water, sweep the floor laundry such physical labor, namely a handyman, stage is to see not only, make out, qiaofu also hard bricks without straw, art talent again good, no performance stage that what’s the use,Lausanne is immersed in deep despair and self-doubt, when feeling life is hopeless, encountered his friend Guo Degang.It was also a turning point for Lausanne.02 young guo is a little fat man, 1981 years to start learning crosstalk, 1988 years to study art ensemble, but like the lausanne unappreciated, no chance of stage, dry and dirty, lausanne, the gap in a drink, to the cast, guo degang met was sweeping the floor, two people in the same boat xinxin pity, said hello to knowingly,After a few times all night chat, lausanne to guo degang crosstalk admiration, guo degang in lausanne, music also is very interested in lausanne word, just to give award, good relations between the two people to wear a pair of pants, that guo back to tianjin also took the lausanne, no performance opportunity of two people in various angles, the bridge street as a stage,Often taken with said crosstalk, show the effect is too high, often someone stop to watch, not three minutes, smile from ear to ear, many people also call two people enjoy, also for two people to earn a decent income, guo degang lausanne, feel is not in the pool, will succeed in the future, at the same time the lausanne hard-drinking, to eat is not even a sip of wine is not sweet,On most of the money to buy a drink, have no money to drink alcoholic lausanne, daihatsu, then borrowed guo degang 8 pieces of drinks, lausanne, wrote a autograph ious, guo also have kept this iou, guo degang crosstalk more complete, lausanne, want to invite together in tianjin said crosstalk, lausanne, can not this, he also CARES about Beijing,Think there is to make his place, see the lausanne secretly determined, guo degang did not retain again, lausanne, ambitious, but can not escape from the weights are ticket money, guo is also a poor boy, lausanne, but their money to fill 200 ticket money, leave lausanne exclamation: “your kindness I didn’t tooth unforgettable, we assure you must pay one hundred times.”But things change, this parting should become a farewell!03 lausanne water regurgitation disappear back to Beijing, good luck has come, in 1989, Yin Bolin was transferred to ensemble work, lausanne, vocals and crosstalk is valued by him, established Yin Bolin moment up the heart of love, just want to collect the lausanne for ACTS, talented lausanne is need someone who appreciate their own bole, they, will soon reach a consensus,They began to speak crosstalk in the way of master and apprentice learning, and their fame in the crosstalk circle became increasingly prominent.After two people were invited on CCTV in 1993, mentoring variety show “QuYuan carlo”, in which perform “lausanne who” series of essays became the show signboard, ventriloquists insect songbirds called true surprise people, details to reproduce is stirred this statue, zhao benshan behavior form even at that time the most popular comedian zhao benshan also said: “this boy is a bit mean.”Lausanne, iused to two people also competition gala sketch program, sorry to inadequate preparation, program quality closes nevertheless couldn’t got on the Spring Festival gala, but also good god blessing, not on the Spring Festival gala but got yuanxiao party invitations, lausanne, mentoring program effect is very good, then became one of the most popular comedian, 1994, reputation and zhao, guo degang unknown at this time,See in former days good friend becomes big star, Guo Degang also works hard to inspire him!Lausanne, 04 after becoming famous, made a lot of money, a show of money is enough to eat half a month, back to the support of parents put yourself, lausanne, tearful, neighbors, underdog, depends on parents’ support, lausanne to stand up, established the lausanne, high-profile return to kangding hometown, big pendulum banquet hospitality and friendly,”I’m going to move my family to Beijing,” he announced at the banquet.This words, let those who once sneered at his relatives feel ashamed, in order to settle down his family, Lausanne also spent a huge sum of money to buy a villa in Beijing, the house is very large family all-round living.Lausanne is a filial child, in order to take care of the parents of inconvenient legs, Lausanne also bought a valuable luxury car, specially used to send parents to go out, of course, he will also open when he is on business!Mother loved Lausanne the most. Every time lausanne drank a thousand cups of wine, her mother would say, “My son, drinking is bad for the business, be careful!”Most children shrug off parental nagging, and Lausanne is no exception, saying “Ok, ok, not next time.”The truth is that every time I congratulate, I congratulate harder!Hard-drinking eventually buried scourge to lausanne, in 1995, October 2, performing in lausanne, return have to shout on teacher Yin Bolin to relax in the home, in order to commemorate the dinners, Yin Bolin also included a video recorder, several people talking and laughing at the dinner table, Yin Bolin lausanne, and glass after glass of wine, wine lead three cruise, lausanne, go to the KTV sing with my family,Revellers and friends set an important meal, it is said that there are many foreigners in meal, lausanne, nice personality bright not hesitate promised date, on the reception of lausanne has apparently drunk, but in the face of the toast, lausanne, were all down, more and more as the drink of the wine, lausanne, gradually began to make confused, and even play up the wine mad,After chatting with a foreign friend at the wine board, He asked, “Do you know me?I speak crosstalk.”The foreigner looked at Him for a while, shook his head repeatedly and told him in broken Chinese, “I haven’t heard of you.”Lausanne feel that the other party’s answer let him lose face, they no longer speak, was dizzy, still choose to drink, drink a few glasses of wine, In order to avoid embarrassment, lausanne lied that something at home, not over the party left.Depressed mood, coupled with drunk dazed, Lausanne sat on his luxury car, in the start of the engine engine of the moment, the end of Lausanne has been doomed.Accelerator pedal to the direction of the home, at a crossroads of head hit the cargo trucks, because the speed is too fast, didn’t react in lausanne, ended the accident, the car was hit too thin pieces, lausanne, dying, also haven’t the hospital is expired, lausanne, news confirmed death, fans, and even rumors is competitors design trap,It’s just plain old drunk driving in a car accident.Parents grief, old mother don’t want to believe that her son died, has accused media disinformation, lausanne, until you see the body was crying to melt, held in Beijing after the funeral, lausanne, parents put the ashes back to the hometown of kangding, falling leaves, the wandering souls to return home, don’t be bothered to lausanne, parents buried him on the qingcheng mountain.Ma Ji, a crosstalk master, said lausanne was “unprecedented and unsurpassed.”Master Yin Bolin misses Lausanne: “There are many geniuses, but only one in Lausanne.”Also rankles in runner died more than a decade later, often miles to accompany the lausanne to qingcheng mountain sitting in the grave, also bring a few bottles of good wine to lausanne, great friends, guo degang, now great trees for cross talk, his “brotherhood” years of lausanne, lausanne, miss many times in public, and the pieces of eight yuan ious, will also become the fetters of two people forever,Carefully collected by Guo Degang for 27 years!