Fun Xiao Winter Olympics | Beijing Winter Olympics to open soon, MEDALS, clothing ‘hidden mystery’

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Huai Xiao February 4, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened.The “Concentric” MEDALS and uniforms, two symbolic visual carriers of the Beijing Winter Olympics, have also attracted the attention of the world.On the front side, there are five Olympic rings in the center of the medal, and the English words of The Beijing 2022 24th Winter Olympic Games are engraved around it.Ring do concave processing, design inspiration from the traditional string jade, from the Chinese traditional pattern of shallow carving, ice and snow on behalf of the Winter Olympics, auspicious cloud lines convey the meaning of good luck and beauty.The brand is composed of rings and the center of the circle, the image comes from the ancient Chinese concentric round jade, a total of five rings, five rings concentric, concentric return to the circle, the expression of the “heaven and earth, people with the same” Chinese cultural connotation, but also a symbol of the Olympic spirit will be the people of the world gathered together, sharing the glory of the Winter Olympics.It is worth mentioning that the traditional craft of hand carving is used in the surface grinding of the medal.The Olympic rings and ice and snow moire on the “Concentric” medal are all meticulously carved by the craftsmen, all of which are done under a microscope to ensure the quality of the workmanship.The elegant “Chinese-style” details make the medal more three-dimensional, among which 24 points and motion arcs are engraved on the circle on the back of the medal, referring to the ancient astronomical map.The ribbon is made of traditional mulberry silk and the color is red, while the box is mainly made of lacquer and bamboo.The design of the MEDALS is simple and simple, reflecting the requirements of “simplicity, safety and splendor” of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and echoing the “gold with jade” of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, showing the cultural heritage of the “Double Olympic City”.The MEDALS for the Chinese delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be officially released on December 31, 2021.From traditional culture to science and technology elements, from three-dimensional and generous to ultra-light and warm features, this award uniform carries a good hope, demonstrating the good wishes of the host and friends to “look forward to the future together”.The Chinese delegation’s medal uniform for the Beijing Winter Olympics is named “Champion Dragon suit” and is mainly red and white.It is reported that the set conveys the concept of “co-prosperity of the world”, with traditional cultural artistic conception and Chinese character “Zhong” as the design inspiration, adding “small standing collar” and “one word button” and other Chinese elements in it, with clear red lines in the central axis, implying that partners from all over the world gather in China.While displaying traditional Chinese culture in detail, the award suit also incorporates many technological elements.Among them, the indoor medal wear for ice events is made of dense warm velvet material, which gives consideration to both light weight and warmth protection. It not only ensures that the clothes are straight, but also can keep Chinese athletes warm.For snow sports where the outdoor temperature is lower, the outdoor award clothing is made of thermal insulation cotton, with a two-layer structure and waterproof and moisture permeable technology to realize the function of wind resistance and warmth.In addition, there are three sets of costumes for the ceremony, namely “Auspicious Snow clouds”, “Hongyun Landscape” and “Tanghua Flying Snow”. The designs are inspired by traditional Chinese cultural elements such as “Auspicious snow”, “Auspicious Clouds”, the famous painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” and traditional Tang Dynasty fabrics.During the competition, the three suits will appear in the medal ceremony at the snow arena, the ice arena and the award plaza respectively.What’s so special about the bouquet?The Olympic Medal bouquet includes six beautiful flower shapes, including rose, rose, lily of the valley, hydrangea, laurel and olive, symbolizing friendship, perseverance, happiness, unity, victory and peace respectively.