Guanshan Lake town baihua Lake work committee to carry out drug prevention education and publicity activities

2022-06-16 0 By

In order to carry out the anti-drug publicity “enter the campus” activities, continue to strengthen the drug prevention education of teenagers, improve the awareness of drug awareness, anti-drug, anti-drug, build a firm line of thought.Recently, guanshan Lake town baihua Lake town work committee joint town drug control office staff, town police station people (auxiliary) police make full use of parents to take back the child’s favorable opportunity, hand in hand to the area guiyang Overseas Chinese middle school affiliated primary school to carry out drug prevention education and publicity activities.Campaign, unodc staff actively distribute to students and their parents anti-drug propaganda leaflets, promotional pens etc, according to the child’s age and psychological characteristics, using plain language to those teenagers and their parents explain common drug type and the harm of drugs, drug teaching teenagers how to recognize and how to prevent and resist drugs such as common sense.At the same time, along with the spread of new drugs, with all kinds of means are puzzling the teenagers in our country, the teenagers of more and more deep, in order to improve the students and their parents of vigilance, police station people (auxiliary) p combination of new drug camouflage and confusing, warned the students don’t accept the stranger’s food, such as “gum” “web celebrity milk tea” such as food,Awareness of strangers must be raised.Finally, the staff talked with the parents, drug prevention education work is a long way to go, must join hands, from childhood to cultivate young people to develop a good life habits, establish a healthy and scientific outlook on life, with healthy behavior to resist the invasion of drugs, build a lifelong resistance to drugs ideological line of defense.This activity issued a total of more than 50 copies of anti-drug publicity materials, more than 60 publicity pens, so that young people realize the harm of drugs, effectively improve the students’ awareness of drugs and coverage rate, played a good anti-drug publicity effect!Yang Shihuan editor Yang Yan editor Liang Jian