In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, there were only 4 people who could catch Li Yuanba’s three hammers. He ranked first and knocked li Yuanba over with a single shot

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In the Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties and The Complete Biography of Tang Dynasty, there is such a hero, his name is Li Yuanba.Legend has it that he is the reincarnation of the golden wing dapeng, although the face such as sick ghost, scrawny, but has great strength, both hands make a pair of eight hundred catties hammer, in sui and Tang Dynasty heroes can not be defeated, ranked the first.Throughout the sui and Tang dynasties, there were only four heroes who could catch li yuanba’s three hammers, and one of them was able to knock Li Off his horse with a single shot.So, who are the four people who can catch Li Yuanba’s three hammers?The first place in martial arts and what kind of exceptional place?In The Story of Tang, there is a 12-year-old general named Pei Yuanqing, who is the third son of Pei Renji, a general in the Sui Dynasty. He holds a pair of bright silver hammers with eight sides of plum flower weighing 600 jin, and his arms are powerful.There is a rumor that he is the reincarnation of Nezha, so he is brave and good at fighting.But even such a miraculous hero only barely received li Yuanba’s three hammers. How was the situation then? Let’s take a look at it slowly.In those days, Sui Dynasty general Qiu Rui father and son army besieged wagang village, but was suspected by the court, they defected to wagang village.Emperor Yang learned that after great anger, general Yu culture and proposed to send Pei Renji, Pei Yuanqing father and son to the wagang village.Li beat shan Xiongxin, Qin Qiong and Cheng Xiaojin with just one move.Shan Xiongxin’s weapon was caught by the double hammer, and he tried his best to escape. Li Yuanba suddenly let go, and Shan Xiongxin fell to one side, his face covered with blood, and fled in panic.Cheng Xiaojin, looking on from the top of the city, was very angry and angry. He quickly asked Qin Qiong to go into battle.Qin Qiong dare not look down upon Pei Yuanqing, face to face with a shot, Pei Yuanqing is just a block, Qin Qiong hands tiger mouth was cracked.Cheng Xiaojin then went to battle himself, but was defeated, and fled back to the city under the cover of the Kings.Finally, or wagang village in the military Xu Maogong will be pei Yuanqing with a plan to surrender, making him work for wagang, Sui Army unexpectedly no one can take advantage of the force.In the Siming Mountain Battle, Pei Yuanqing faced li Yuanba, the best in the world, without fear of battle.They beat each other without beating the drum.Li Yuanba’s hammer went down, and Pei Yuanqing’s hammer came back to block it, three in a row.Pei Yuanqing finally could not resist, turned and walked away, the belligerent and fierce Li Yuanba did not pursue.All because he cherish the hero, said “good boy, no one can pick up my half hammer, I don’t kill you, you go back”, released Pei Yuanqing back to the city.Because snatching li Yuanba three hammer and not dead, Pei Yuanqing is also known by the world heroes, it can be said that the world is famous.Thor was not defeated by the great bird Yu Wencheng is the second hero of Sui and Tang dynasties, his height nearly a zhang, hand holding a four hundred catties heavy feng wing gold-plating, legend is the reincarnation of god thor, infinite force.Because he is brave and good in battle, but also the son of Yu culture and sui Emperor Yang is very esteem him, he was named tianbao general, awarded “the world’s first horizontal yong invincible” gold medal.When Li Yuan was an official in the Sui Dynasty, he was in charge of repairing jinyang Palace.Yu Wencheng du went with Yang Guang to inspect, and happened to meet Li Yuanba, the son of Li Yuan. Li Yuanba had already heard about Yu Wencheng du’s valor.Yang Guang also wanted to see what Li Yuanba could do, so he approved the fight.Because it was a contest in front of the palace, both sides had convergence. After dozens of rounds, Yu Wencheng was defeated by Li Yuanba’s sledgehammer.After Yang Guang built the canal, he went on a trip to the south of The Yangtze River.Wu Yunzhao, Wu Tianxi, Xiong Kuo Sea together to challenge Yu Wencheng, but he was defeated.But Yu Wencheng through this war, exhausted strength, pei Yuanqing easily defeated, seriously injured.Seeing the situation had gone, Sui General Yang Lin resorted to intrigue, the imperial seal as bait, held a tournament in Yangzhou.They plan to let anti-king cannibalization, the benefit of the fish, but Yang Lin was luo Cheng killed first, then yu culture and kill Yang Guang independence, Yu Wencheng to follow his father temporarily retreat.However, Li Yuanba led his troops to catch up from the rear.Yu Wencheng complained, had to face off, two people squared up, Yu Wencheng stabbed Li Yuanba first hand, but was Li Yuanba with a hammer to block.A few rounds down, Yu Wen cheng du more vicious, Li Yuan Ba saw Yu Wen Cheng du up to kill the heart, he will leave the master’s instructions behind, only one hand will throw him, and then yu Wen Cheng du tore in two.Visible, yu Wencheng’s forces are really very strong.Silly people are tied with Yuan Ba, Jiang Wei posterity pick out two heroes although Li Yuan Ba can tear the second best man in the world, but this does not mean that he is invincible.In the Biography of Xing Tang Dynasty, there were 13 heroes in the world. Li Yuanba was the first hero in the world at that time, and Luo Shixin was the only one who could rival Li Yuanba and was known as the first of the “Four Heroes”.To be equal to Li Yuanba, you must be strong and fearless.In the romance, Qin Qiong was looking for lost property by the roadside when she came across Luo Shixin, who was herding cows. At that moment, two cows not far away were pushing against each other, and neither one would let the other.Luo Shixin shouted at them to stop the fight, but it didn’t work. So he ran angrily between the two cows and grabbed one corner of the cow with one hand.Came to Wagang village, Luo Shi letter as a secret weapon, deeply cheng Bite gold and others respect, and less than the critical moment, Wagang village will not easily sent him, as if the nuclear deterrent force now.At Siming Mountain, the wargang heroes met Li Yuanba and had to invite Luo Shixin out to fight with him.These two men, like martial arts fanatics, would fight each other when they saw each other.Seeing the two men gradually exhausted, not far away killed a hero, only one shot will be separated from the two men, this man is jiang Wei’s descendants, named Luo Song, can be a single shot of the first hero and the “four fierce” head, it can be seen that Luo Song’s strong martial arts.Compared with Li Yuan Ba’s strength, Luo Song is expert in marksmanship, he is good at making one hundred single eight way jiang family marksmanship, and never armor, it has no enemy.In the Sui and Tang series, he is luo Cheng’s half-brother. They are both good at marksmanship, but Luo Song can easily defeat Luo Cheng.Against Yang Lin, because qin Qiong told not to hurt Yang Lin’s life, Luo Song will only use a gun poke its armor, but can not hurt the flesh.In The story of Loyalty and Sound of a Horse, Luo Song, armed with an iron gun, fights li Yuanba for hundreds of rounds, and Li Yuanba “knows he is defeated”.Although close to the world invincible, can pick over Li Yuan Ba and Luo Shixin these two heroes, but Luo Song always low-key.After the Establishment of the Tang Dynasty, he chose to hide in the forest, avoiding official, and eventually died of old age.Though largely fictional in content, “The Romance of The Sui and Tang Dynasties” and later “The Complete Romance of the Sui and Tang Dynasties” have endured and are still popular today, thanks to the heroes depicted in the books.Each hero has a distinct personality, and each has a unique skill, the book’s fight scenes today, also make people call.What do you think about that?