90-year-old grandma looks down on everyone?To granddaughter package 100 yuan red envelope, but was too little to throw on the ground

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01 Red envelopes are called Chinese New Year!New Year greetings, red envelopes are the theme.Middle-aged people, parents, long past the age of receiving red envelopes.It has been many years since I just gave red envelopes to others for Chinese New Year.But there is no denying that the red envelope, or heart.On New Year’s Eve, the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner is finished.The son came over, put 2 red envelopes into my hands, said to me: “Mom, you have worked hard, give you a red envelope, show my heart…”All of a sudden, my girl heart burst, as if to find a long lost memory.I’m really happy.But I still feel sorry for my son, who is still a college student. The money he gave me in red envelopes was earned by himself. The winter vacation was early last year, and my son went to help people watch the store for more than 10 days, earning about 2,000 yuan.My son said he would buy vegetables for me during the Spring Festival, but I didn’t ask for them and let him keep the flowers.And now he put the money in a red envelope and gave it to me.Son said you take it, the relatives of the children to pay New Year’s visit, give them a red envelope.The son did not finish the following words, but I have understood.My son loves me dearly.Last year, in addition to maintaining the basic life of the family, there was no money saved. Relatives brought their children to pay New Year’s greetings, but the red envelope money can not be less.In order to maintain family affection, no matter the family is well-off or not, the red envelope is to be given.Do not know other families, other elders will have such a dilemma?It is the Spring Festival holiday, and the visits between relatives are in full swing.On social media, there are many short videos with the theme of hongbao.Junior people get red envelope get happy, the elders send red envelope sent intoxicated, but that is white money ah, and in daily life, there are a few people do not complain, said money hard to earn?Who is willing to work hard for a year, just a year?Radish is small, long on the back (generation), here special mention of those young, but in large numbers of people, really love them.A mother plays with her 8-month-old baby in her yard in Shangqiu, Henan Province.Suddenly, a man walks up to the child, kneels down and gives the child a headbang.Originally, although this child’s age is less than 1 year old, but not low in rank, according to rank is this man kowtow to the child’s uncle.After the man kowtow New Year, also stretched out his hand to uncle red envelope, the child looked at him at a loss.We believe that the man did not really ask for the red envelope, but just wanted to tease the child for fun.However, on January 30, a cute baby in Suzhou, Anhui province made people’s hearts ache.The baby is still wearing diapers, but in front of him is a line of children, they are one by one to kowtow to the baby, the original baby is their uncle.Ms. Wang, the photographer, said that she was visiting relatives when her uncle was at home with his child and was sitting there handing out red envelopes. At the age of 3, she was the youngest uncle in the family.Uncle is also generous and domineer, to each of his New Year’s greetings are sent 200 yuan red envelopes.Life is very long, so small began to give people a red envelope, this home should have how many mines?Then, I thought of a very serious problem: those elders who give red envelopes, how many people are pretending to smile on their faces?Chinese New Year is the atmosphere, the red envelope size does not matter, the picture is a happy.I saw a video of a grandmother in her 90s giving red envelopes to her 46-year-old granddaughter during the Spring Festival.The 46-year-old granddaughter who shot the video said she was very happy to receive red envelopes at her age.Grandma’s red envelope was only ten yuan, but her granddaughter said the ten yuan was heavier than one thousand yuan.Her grandmother was polite, and her granddaughter was sensible and sensible.But some people don’t think so.The epidemic was found before the Spring Festival in Hangzhou. A man could not go back to his hometown for the Spring Festival. There were only his 90-year-old mother and his 60-year-old brother, who was still single.On the third day of the first month, eldest brother went out to have some business.My granddaughter came to pay her New Year’s visit.Grandma gave her granddaughter a red envelope of one hundred yuan, but her granddaughter thought it was too little, saying that grandma looked down on people, threw the red envelope on the ground, and left angrily without a drink of water…Can’t think of this granddaughter is also a 20-something person, but also this violent temper, such a trivial matter also care and care?The eldest brother called him in the evening and told him that his mother was crying, indicating that she was still alive and would not accept New Year’s greetings.Visible, red envelope this matter makes a person a long story, not only let the heart tired, bad will offend people.04 Chinese New Year, the more rural, the more prosperous red envelopes.But we should also understand that many old people in the countryside do not have a pension, they are entirely dependent on their children.A video has emerged of a boy receiving 2,000 yuan in red envelopes from his 83-year-old grandmother on his wedding day.The boy was particularly touched. His grandmother had been living in the rural areas of his hometown and had no local financial resources. I’m afraid the money had been saved by the old woman for a long time.So grandma’s heart he received, and grandma’s red envelope money he returned.The red envelope contains the deep love of elders. It doesn’t matter how much money you have.Since can get red envelope, happy good.Knowing your elders will give you red envelopes, giving more gifts to your elders and giving more money before the Spring Festival is a high level of emotional intelligence.Haggle over the elders’ red envelopes, that is too weak!Welcome to comment on the red envelope of Spring Festival. What size do you think is appropriate for the red envelope?Feel free to leave a comment.# New Year diary # article/Mu Zimo, pictures: from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.I am Mu Zi mo, multi-platform millions of popular article author, I have a pen, only to write the warm and cold, if you also have a story, welcome to leave a message or private letter to tell me, I am waiting for you here.Jet Li was criticized for being a slag, and his ex had a hard time. Should he pay for her?On New Year’s Eve, the old mother collapsed: Next year I will cook dinner, so don’t come back. On the second day of the second lunar month, the married daughter goes back to her parents’ home