Caring entrepreneurs donated millions to Jilin to help fight the epidemic

2022-06-17 0 By

Recently, Jilin Province is facing the most severe moment of the epidemic: the number of newly confirmed local cases has exceeded 1,000 in a row, and the province is undergoing the most severe and complicated battle since the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control.At the most critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, Yu Li, chairman of wudi Media, a caring enterprise, and a famous Internet celebrity anchor, took practical actions to interpret deep feelings and spread positive energy with selfless love.Since jilin appear new outbreaks, concessionary, chairman of the focus on the development and change of the outbreak of the hometown, see the recent severe epidemic situation, he worried and nausea, hardest time in every home, especially in jilin province one-day new breakthrough positive cases, 2000 cases of epidemic (asymptomatic),Yu Li immediately made a donation to jilin epidemic area decision.He donated 1 million yuan to an open account of the Jilin Charity Federation.At the same time, also actively organize the company’s all artists and caring fans to donate money, which really reflects the blood and blood of one party in difficulties.Yu Li is a native of Jilin province. He was born in Gongzhuling city, Jilin Province. He is affectionately known as “Brother Li” by his fans.He started his career as a network anchor in 2011 and began writing, directing and starring in the 2014 comedy film The Ridge Brothers.In 2016, he won the Best Actor Award at the 1st Golden Hummingbird Micro Film Awards for his role in the action film Causeway Bay 2.In recent years, Yu Li has put more energy into his own company and network broadcast, and his career is thriving.In fame, good the first thought is to repay society, at the beginning of 2021, take the initiative to contact charity federation vice-chairman hong-jie zhang, liaoning province, through the line will bypass, in liaoning province charity federation formally established the “good charity love fund”, invest 3 million yuan, for the student, stranded, engaged in charitable public welfare undertakings.In January 2021, when the epidemic broke out in Jilin, Yu Li donated masks and daily necessities worth more than 200,000 yuan to the affected areas through the Charity Federation of Jilin Gongzhuling city, and personally rented vehicles to deliver relevant supplies to Gongzhuling City.Before that, in 2020, when the epidemic first broke out in Wuhan, Yu Li donated 700,000 yuan through the Han Hong Foundation.When hunan was flooded, he donated 200,000 yuan through the Red Cross Society of China…”Love is responsibility, love is responsibility;Love is commitment, love is dedication, charity is their lifelong pursuit of the cause.I hope to realize the value of life through my unremitting efforts and pursuit, and help those in need with the value and wealth I have created.”Yu li said.