Central Control Technology was awarded the “2021 Industrial Leading Enterprise” in Binjiang District

2022-06-17 0 By

February 15, just in time for the Lantern Festival, control technology beaming.Tu Guoping, deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Binjiang District in Hangzhou, Gao Chong, Deputy Director of binjiang District Government, and Li Dan, deputy director of the Development Service Center of Binjiang Internet of Things Industrial Park, visited the Central Control Technology and carried out the “New Year visit” service activity for key enterprises, helping them get off to a good start.Chairman and President cui Shan, senior Vice President Mo Wei and others warmly received and exchanged views.During the visit, Tu Guoping awarded THE “Industrial Leading Enterprise of 2021” to SUPCON, and spoke highly of the company’s brilliant achievements in the field of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing and its contribution to the digital reform of Zhejiang Province.Chong Gao inquired and exchanged information about the resumption of work and production.Cui Shan on behalf of the central control technology thanks binjiang District for its long-term support and affirmation, and introduced the development of the enterprise.Was named “industry leading enterprise” is a control technology, the future, control technology will continue to play a role of leading enterprises, and make the industry more intelligent, make life easier, continuous innovation, the courage to bear on digital and carbon neutral, high quality construction common prosperity by the practical action demonstration area, with digital “smart” a better future!