Floating world qinghuan, can not escape this world of mortals

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Writing, writing, only wish calm water, stable years.Not a lifetime of great wealth, peace and joy.Light buckle time, retain the circulation of the four seasons, in the alternating time to leave a good.But this floating world qinghuan, after all, can not escape the world of mortals, in the journey of life, who can not hang without pulling, safely forward.Whose world is not full of holes?Can not go back once, are I never forget.Through the long march, are my tears hazy eyes.Weak water three thousand ah, also only covet that lake indifferent, only you in mind.If love, ripples in the waves, in your eyes can also be colorful, the world of mortals is willing to step by step measurement.If you can, let me be a tree by the lake, in the water, waiting for thousands of years, the waves flow, love in this world.The coming and going in life is the scenes of this floating world qinghuan clip.One group gets off, another gets on, and the journey repeats itself.The train of life, there are always accompanied by time, but also the moment of separation.I cherish, then have no regrets with you side by side.Old years, the reason why beautiful, because time filter the most real heart.If I were in your heart, it would wave.Reason is beautiful, is to cherish each other.If I leave, never meet again!Edge gather edge scattered, will eventually become empty.Each of us, will become a passer-by in life, leaving a memory, or beautiful or ferocious, but finally not found.Edge gathers edge to come loose, the depth of cloud smoke, if already feeling root is deep planted, heaven and earth can lose color.I wish I were a cloud in the sky, projecting on your sea.There is no me in your eyes, reflection will give me the answer.If you love me, I will be gentle, beautiful mountains and rivers, all the years of song.Your years static good, is I stare at the world of mortals;Your bright smile, is my collection of floating world qinghuan.Light buckle time, years also beautiful.Net and static, can draw years of picture scroll.Addiction, need to put down;Fascinated, need to fade away;Spring is green and prosperous.Gorgeous is color, profusion is life.If hearts know each other, distance is no longer an obstacle.If love has been abandoned, and then are joys and sorrows, why insist.The world of mortals, fall into the abyss, go out is the wind light cloud light.Floating world qinghuan, can not escape this world of mortals.Even if crushed, also is willing to be that wipe clear smoke, around you, accompany you through a long time.You are in, the ends of the earth are home, never abandon;You are in, the world is all drunk beauty scenery, cherish each other.- Author – Ni Huijuan, pen name Mei Jiang Qingyue, once used pen name Yixin, born in Lanxi, Zhejiang, now lives in Beijing, personal account meijiangqingyue1976, personal official number: Rappire.I like writing in my spare time. I like to write every bit of the day into the text. I feel the beauty of life with my sincere heart.- Anchor – Listen to the nature (wechat 1469953923), with the natural voice on the network and everyone drunk with words, I believe that beautiful words can heal heartache, warm the soul.Litchi FM3447606, public account: Listen to nature (ID: CNqingtingziran)- Photography – flowers bloom in that season, now live in the northeast, the beautiful oil city daqing, find beauty from photography;Show nature in photos!That year you: “that season blooms” wechat account wodeyoux4415