Netizens please cancel the Olympic Committee Che Min-kui silver medal, Korean media: the action is just a prank

2022-06-17 0 By

Beijing Olympic winter games, the south Korean media and athlete sleeps, from what what food is bad, bad to the ice from all sorts of foul to all sorts of excuses, more interestingly, South Korea says Beijing Olympic athletes as the food is not good, and then try to packaged food back to the dormitory, such behavior, is discovered by Japanese athletes, photographed in social media.More incomprehensible is that the South Korean athlete Che Min-kyu on the podium, deliberately wipe the podium, causing controversy.Car min Kui this behavior, has received a warning from the International Olympic Committee, and Korean media also recognized the seriousness of the situation, said: this is just a prank, is car Min Kui’s personal behavior, there is no meaning.As a senior audience, we request the Olympic Committee to cancel The silver medal of Che Min-kyu and request the Olympic Committee to ban Che Min-kyu.The International Skating Federation (ISU) has banned any protests on the medal podium after Canadian athletes protested at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics by “cleaning the podium.”If the rules are violated, the medal may be revoked.After receiving the warning, South Korean player Cha Min-kyu responded to his own wipe action, Che Min-kyu said: the award ceremony is very important to me, because (the podium) is a precious place, so I want to go with a more respectful mood.Che min-kyu also said: In this sense, this movement, out of this respect for the idea of this movement.As a veteran audience, I think Che Min-kyu said very South Korea.It’s narrow-minded and wussy.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the South Korean team made all kinds of provocations, questioning the costumes of the Opening ceremony, disparaging the infrastructure, saying that the food in the Olympic Village was not good, and that there was a problem with the ice.Then, the South Korean media added fuel to the fire, all kinds of provocations.Ask such a team, do you welcome them?Considering the Seoul Olympics, Portugal and Italy in the Korea-Japan World Cup, and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, we think that any problems in South Korea are normal.No matter whether they are reasonable or not, they will only choose what they like and block what they don’t like.For example, south Korean media will cut out videos of South Korean athletes committing fouls to confuse the public.The same is true of Hwang Dae-heon’s knife lifting.Now, The car min kui “sweep the floor action” more and more, car min Kui is likely to be canceled silver medal.Therefore, under pressure, car min kui do this action is said to cherish the podium, just prank, in order to make everyone laugh.