Quality pronoun!What are the reasons for the recognition of ao Kangda certified second-hand car?

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Aokangda certified cars are synonymous with quality in the hearts of consumers. Many customers will continue to re-purchase after buying once, and the re-purchase rate reaches more than 60%.So, what are the reasons why The Australian kangda certification car is favored?Quality – ingenuity to deep car is a large commodity, often tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of spending, reliable quality is the first consideration.Every certified car of AU Kangda is selected by assessors from all parts of the country. There is no structural damage, no bubble water and no fever to ensure that every car entering au Kangda is of good quality.After the source check, the next vehicle will enter the after-sales testing and reconditioning.Through 360 inspection and certification, including the vehicle’s appearance, interior, engine and so on, to further ensure that the vehicle is in good condition.After the whole car repair, maintenance and so on, the average time is as long as seven days, the purpose is to let the vehicle performance to restore to the best state.With the spirit of craftsman, the 400-person after-sales technical team will strive for perfection in every link to ensure the quality of vehicles on the market.Before going on the market but also through the quality inspection department again after the verification, the party presented to consumers.Pricing — value for money No matter what products people will pay attention to cost performance, generally speaking, value for money or even value for money, ultimately is the price and value is matched, buy not lose.Used cars are non-standard products, and without a professional team, pricing can easily deviate from the value itself.The so-called technology industry has specialized, Australia Kangda more than 20 years of deep cultivation of the industry, the price control has formed a rigorous and meticulous system, has long been the industry pricing standard.Adopt is a price sale, according to mileage, fixed number of years, maintenance situation, market, comprehensive each factor carries on the price.Put an end to the price moisture, to ensure the match of price and value, to protect the interests of customers.After-sales service — comprehensive guarantee for the long-term use of a car after purchase, whether new or used, is particularly important.To this end, AOkangda has established five after-sales value-added service systems, including after-sales value-added service, super later value-added service, extended after-sales value-added service, renewal after-sales value-added service, new energy after-sales value-added service and so on.Rights and interests: 7 days without reason replacement, the whole car warranty and free maintenance, lifelong free annual vehicle inspection, lifelong enjoy 60% discount for working hours, 24 hours of road rescue and so on.Let the car more secure, more comfortable.