Sanmenxia: What cultural activities are there for the Lantern Festival?Where to play?Look here

2022-06-17 0 By

On February 10, the reporter learned from relevant departments, in 2022, during the Lantern Festival, zhuhai will elaborate organization to carry out various forms, rich in content, good taste, healthy culture of the masses cultural activities, full display of the city’s people’s uplifting spirit, create a good cultural atmosphere, make the city people spend happy Lantern Festival.According to the arrangement, the main cultural activities organized by the relevant municipal departments are as follows:”Art” up resistance to disease, you me – the theme of literature and art (show) straight planting activities, “yuanxiao, guess lantern riddles” (online synchronous conduct), art for online teaching in the New Year, “tiger leap xiaohan letter of painting exhibition”, “ring decorated lantern” hand-made lanterns socialisation fan of guess lantern, Lantern Festival activities, writing the first sanmenxia imitating ShuFaZhan (online) on display at the same time.The main cultural activities organized by each county (city) and district include: “Yue Read Spring” reading activity in Hubin District, Our Festival · Lantern Festival theme activity in sanmenxia City in 2022;Shanzhou District: 2022 Shanzhou Underground Courtyard Folk Performance for Spring Festival and Lantern Festival (offline), Sanmenxia Invitational Exhibition of “The Bank of the Yellow River is Home” Art Works (both online and offline);Economic development Zone: Celebrate the Lantern Festival · Yellow River bank garden lantern viewing activities (offline);Yima city: Lantern Festival gala, Lantern Festival Lantern Exhibition (offline), Yima Musicians Association red Literary Light Cavalry “Celebrate The Lantern Festival” mass art performance on the cloud, “Lantern Festival Gathering” mass photography exhibition, “Intangible Cultural Heritage” paper-cut exhibition, family fun Lantern Festival, brain riddle guessing activities;Mianchi County: Cultural MOOC;Lushi County: “Visit the Spring Festival exhibition of cultural Year” activities, anti-telecom fraud “Old Ji Anti-fraud” series of short plays exhibition, “intangible heritage” inheritance of wooden New Year paintings exhibition;Lingbao city: Online painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Cultural Museum.It is reported that in order to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, the mass cultural and artistic activities during the Lantern Festival are mainly online activities.Source: Sanmenxia Daily