Transfer to business from a non-business background

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Business has always been a popular professional study abroad, The French business professional has a long history, the overall strength of the strong, as the study in the United Kingdom of the emperor’s major suffered many students pro-gaze.Business is divided into these five key professional orientation: accounting and financial professional orientation, financial orientation, management methods orientation, network marketing orientation.In particular, accounting and finance are very popular. Generally, such majors require students to have a strong professional environment and have high requirements for mathematical thinking. However, there are also a few foreign universities that offer AF major for transferring majors.So, what colleges and universities can accept students to transfer professional environment to apply for accounting and finance graduate students?Lancaster University MSc Accounting and Financial Management (MSc)Dedicated to shaping the fundamentals and methods accountants and financial executives need to help students navigate the increasingly complex nature of finance around the world.Suitable for students who want to work in investment banking and financial analysis.This major is certified by ACCA, and the course content of the unit gives ACCA basic subjects the right of exemption.Open courses include: general quantitative analysis way, general introduction to finance, accounting, financial general, financial quantitative analysis ways of sales market, finance basic rules, financial statements, financial market, such as paper, appraisal mechanism: examination questions, small paper, the working group report and so on, students still need to carry out two weeks do not participate in evaluation of financial database program.Enrolled regulation: finance, accounting, or other business related to environment, economic development can also be given the business but the quantitative analysis of the environment very strong student, it is best to P this course contents: mathematical thinking, financial, accounting, social economics, applied statistics, qualitative analysis, higher mathematics, econometrics, micro view and macro economics, physics, linear algebra;2:1 Bachelor degree, for Chinese students, it is required that the average score of double first-class /211/985 schools is above 80%, and the average score of second class Chinese schools (Lancaster has its own list of accredited schools) is above 85%;Ielts 7.0, individual project 6.0 or above;② University of Bristol MSc Accounting, Finance and ManagementThis program is designed for students who want to train themselves primarily in the study of accounting, finance, and management methods in a subject that is rigorous and appropriate to the natural environment that today’s business serves.Students will be trained in core professional skills and basic knowledge of accounting, finance and regulation to prepare for further study and training, and acquire professional academic research skills related to future work, such as analysis, synthesis and critical thinking.The basic courses are: financial report, finance and accounting, management methods, social economics, quantitative analysis of finance and supervision, papers, examination mechanism: examination questions, small papers, work, etc.Admission requirements: strong mathematical thinking and working ability;2:1 Bachelor degree;Ielts 7.0, single item project 6.5 or above;③ University of Bath ****Bath MSc Accounting and Finance (From October 2019Accounting and finance graduate student professional is FT financial daily voted in 2016, the world has no experience in financial postgraduate professional TOP 50, the professional is committed to shaping students solid foundation of accounting and finance theory, grasp of the financial system software has a further, to learn anatomy of accounting management decision-making and management decision-making of the people,And will use this expertise in specific situations.Open courses: financial econometrics, basic theories, financial accounting management decision 1 & 2, management accounting 1 & 2, such as corporate finance practice, graduation thesis or selected activities (with Bath cooperation agency dealing with real business services), appraisal mechanism: course content work, examination questions (as), etc.Admission requirements: a professional environment that includes a lot of mathematical thinking or quantitative analysis, such as hydrology, mathematical thinking, social economics, physics, etc.The University of Sheffield **** MSc Accounting,The master of Accounting, Governance and Financial Management program aims to enable students to explore the Financial and accounting aspects of a wide variety of companies. Students are expected to be fully equipped to work in senior accounting or Financial accounting positions in companies after graduation.This is particularly suitable if students want to work in finance or in financial services, such as financial auditing.The basic class that opens has: enterprise management, management method accounting, financial accounting and analysis of financial statements, finance and accounting research idea, financial management method, paper, assessment mechanism: oneself work, working group new project, examination question.Admission requirements: all professional environments;2:1 Bachelor degree, for Chinese students, it is required to rank TOP 100 (Sheffield has its own list) /211/985 with an average score of more than 75%;Ielts 6.5,University of East Anglia **** UEA MSc International Financial ManagementThe master of International Accounting and Financial Management program is suitable for students who want to become outstanding accountants or financial executives in the future. It focuses on developing useful technical skills such as preparing and interpreting financial reports in advance, analyzing management methods, performance appraisal and conducting project investment evaluation.Open courses include: accounting and financial management, corporate financial management method, the comprehensive business service management decisions, the international financial reporting, management accounting, management, staff and organization, performance appraisal management and reporting, strategic marketing management methods, such as appraisal mechanism: work examination questions, curriculum content, the working group, display, etc.Rules for admission: in addition to the professional environment of business, * folk dance, dramatic performance, song, sports culture, plastic arts, art and design, etc., shall be subject to discretion;2:2 Bachelor’s degree;University of Leicester (Leicester) MSc Accounting and FinanceIt is committed to enabling students to fully master the basic theories of finance and accounting and their application in companies, learn and train the key basic theories, special tools, methods and techniques of accounting and finance in an international context, and master the advantages, limitations and general application of each method/technique in practical activities.Students will develop the ability to think critically about current topics in accounting and finance positions and academic research references.Open courses include: accountability, means and manipulation, accounting analysis and framework: private enterprise and the public sector units, the company’s financial management, financial analysis and project investment, financial entity model, financial report: basic theory, practice and criticism, management accounting, financial professional expertise, financial basic math, paper and so on, the appraisal mechanism: work, questions, etc.Admission requirements: all professional environments;2:1 Bachelor degree,****Newcastle University MSc Accounting,A graduate degree in Accounting, Finance and Strategic Investment that is certified by CIMA Royal Chartered Management Method Accountants to prepare students for careers in management method accounting, financial planning or corporate Finance.To shape the students’ working ability to endanger accounting and business strategy in the company, management accounting and financial analysis will play a leading role in shaping professional skills.The basic courses include: international finance and financial market, General Introduction to Financial Reporting, thesis, Performance Assessment and Management Decision-making management methods, Strategic decision-making and manipulation, financial planning and project investment, management economics and organizational structure, business service environment and operation, assessment mechanism: examination questions, reports, classic cases, etc.Admission requirements: all professional environments;2:1 Bachelor degree, IELTS 6.5, item engineering 6.0 or above