Why do more and more people get sick than before when medicine is more and more advanced?

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“In the past, there were no such diseases. Nowadays, people tend to get sick all the time, and hospitals queue up every day just like food markets.” “Yes, medical science is so advanced that even cancer can be cured.Why is it that more and more people are getting sick despite the development of medical science and continuous progress in medical treatment?In fact, to some extent there is a correlation between the two, and it is because of the development of medical science that there are more patients.Seemingly contradictory, in fact, not contradictory, because in the past, even if people have been sick, but the means of examination is limited, a lot of problems can not be found in time, can not be found, they do not know that they are sick, and talk about how to cure?Now there are a variety of examination methods, routine examination can not diagnose, can be further examination, such as CT, biopsy, can better diagnose the disease.This is both a bad thing and, in a sense, a good thing, because it’s better to find out early than to find out late and never find out.Take cancer for example, generally speaking, majority cancer should discover early only, pass all sorts of medical treatment means now, cure rate is taller.Now people’s health awareness is improving, there is a habit of physical examination, this is also one of the reasons.Especially for some early disease without any obvious symptoms, through the correct physical examination can be found, usually often find their own body with the same kind of discomfort, a lot of people will be timely to check, this is a good thing.Even if the results are not unusual, it should be something to be happy about. Is there any way to find out what the problem is?I’m sure you don’t think so.It is also suggested that some friends who have wrong understanding of physical examination should pay attention to this matter correctly, which is an important measure to prevent disease.In addition, the lifestyle of modern people is also very different from that of the past, and the impact of this on health is different.In the past, transportation was not developed and people were more physically active, but now many people do too little daily activity, sit for a long time and are prone to obesity, which increases the risk of a variety of diseases.The development of medical science, but the increase in the number of patients may also have something to do with the neglect of disease prevention.But in fact, prevention is the best way, not to say that now the medical science is developed, even if you get sick, you don’t have to worry too much, it can be cured, but why let it develop to this step?Prevention is more important.For doctors, the most brilliant skill may not be to be good at curing certain diseases, but to help people prevent them from happening. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine, that is, “curing diseases before they happen”.Although there are many kinds of diseases, the occurrence of many diseases is related to the same reason — bad living habits. Therefore, if you want to be better and get sick less, you can prevent it from this aspect. How to do it specifically?It is important to control your weight. If you do this, you can reduce the risk of high blood fats, high blood pressure and other diseases, for both men and women, young and old.However, for the elderly, not too strict, appropriate beyond the standard is reasonable, and more healthy, slightly fat old people, disease resistance is relatively better.And how to manage, or around the tube shut up and take the six words, and adhere to.Their own ideas and mentality is also very important, if every day to think too much, sighing, suspected what serious illness, a long time, may not be sick are easy to give birth to disease.And if you want to prevent disease, you should make yourself happy every day and keep a positive and optimistic attitude.In a nutshell, medicine is becoming more and more developed, sick people are more and more, that in itself is a factor, but it did not come wrapped in between the inevitable, more sick people, with their bad habits and lack of the consciousness of prevention also has a lot to do, if can do the above two things, can significantly reduce the risk.[1] As medicine becomes more and more advanced, there are more and more patients. What does this mean?Health Times.2019.08.03[2] Now that medicine is so developed, why are there so many patients in the hospital, but more and more?The truth is here. Xiaoxiang Famous doctor.2019.12.06[3] Why “patients” more and more.China News Weekly. December 23, 2019