Young woman in short skirt, drunk after begging passers-by to help

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Andy Lau has a very good lyrics, called: give me a cup of water, I don’t cry for a night.This song sang out the voice of countless people, if you can really forget feelings, perhaps life will not be so painful, of course, will not experience sour, sweet, bitter, hot, right and wrong.In the face of emotional pain and pain, a lot of people choose to drink to drown their sorrows, will be thousands of feelings placed in alcohol, there is wine today drunk, looks like very free and easy, very temperament, but the pain must only the parties know.For example, this drunken woman, dressed very “cool”, but drank herself very drunk, once drunk on the road, just at this time, met a man passing by.So what happened to the woman?How did the man passing by react?What do you think of this?With the quickening pace of society, people bear more and more pressure, pressure in life, pressure in work, and pressure in relationships, under all kinds of pressure, people have to show their best side.However, people have many sides, including positive and excellent sides, and also negative and passive sides. One cannot keep the same side for a long time. Then, with the cooperation of alcohol, the less good side of human nature can be displayed to achieve the balance of human nature, so as to become a complete person.So maybe that’s what alcohol has been for people for thousands of years.The woman in this video is also in the same situation, after a failed relationship, she chooses to get drunk, but in the night, she is very “cool” dress, it is still dangerous to do so.Finally, she collapsed to the ground, drunk, when a passing man came by and asked her how she was. Seeing someone approaching, the woman held out her hand to the man, hoping that he would help her.But the man is still very cautious, see the woman drunk severe, back is full of tattoos, worried about being blackmailed, so this process recorded down, while recording said: I pull you once, you can not rely on me, the woman heard, drunkenly responded to a “um” word.The man then grabbed the woman, but she was so drunk that she was lying across the road, and he had a hard time pulling her up.Netizens see this behind the scenes, is also very worried, both worried about the woman’s body, but also worried about meeting bad people, many of them sighed: another woman trapped by love!The netizens’ pity for xiangxiangxiyu and the woman’s wild behavior formed a sharp contrast.The author’s point of view: in one’s life, there must be a lot of difficulties, there are studies, there are jobs, there are feelings, who can ensure their life is smooth, I think everyone is after experiencing setbacks, constantly temper their own mentality and ability, will move to a new level.It is the same with the woman in the video. Emotional setbacks are also obstacles that a person will experience sooner or later. It is enough to face this obstacle correctly, constantly reflect and summarize, find out their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, and leave no regrets in any relationship.Time will eliminate everything, there is no huoyanshan can not pass, hope to see the netizens can take the video of the woman as a mirror, learn to correctly face setbacks, rather than this “extreme” way.What do you think about that?Welcome to leave a comment!