3-2 to 3-1!Barca’s record is 11 years in the making, with Xavi backing Fernando Torres, aiming for 42 points and a top four finish

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Barcelona’s Xavi hopes to score three crucial points against valencia in the 25th round of la Liga.With Barcelona unable to claim the title this season, the La Liga giants are fighting for champions League qualification and are in a good four-way tie.Statistics show barca are unbeaten in nearly eight league games, winning four and drawing four, their longest unbeaten run so far.At the top of la Liga, Barca has 39 points and is battling the likes of Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad and Villarreal.With a win, the Spanish giants will consolidate fourth place and maintain their momentum.Barcelona vs Valencia, the La Liga giants have the advantage in terms of price, Xavi has a squad of 650 million euros, a number of players under his wing.At 290 million euros, Valencia is clearly inferior to the Spanish giants.History shows that Barca has won two straight games against Valencia in the league.Earlier, Barcelona kicked out a 3-2, 3-1 score.On May 3, 2021, Lionel Messi scored twice and Antoine Griezmann scored as Barcelona beat their opponents 3-2.The Liga giants won 3-1 in the first leg of the season after Faty scored the winner from depay’s cross.In recent times, Barca have created a number of chances on the offensive end, but their ability to take them has fluctuated.Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli in the Europa League play-off, with Ferran Torres repeatedly wasting his chances.After the game, Ferrantorres also hugged his head and cried.”Fernando Torres, no one doubts you,” Barcelona posted.This service, against Valencia, for Barca, is a key battle, Ferran torres is expected to complete redemption, help the La Liga giants win.Compared with Barca, Valencia in the near future state is relatively low, la Liga strong team each tournament 3 wins.Valencia drew with Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao before losing 2-1 to Alaves in the last league round.This round of serie A, Valencia encounter strong enemy, not only the lineup behind, historical record is also unfavorable, the probability of defeat is very large.Before the game, Xavi attended the press conference, Barcelona coach to support Ferran torres, absolute trust in him.Xavi said it will be a tough, intense game, valencia away to pick up three points, very important for Barca.Meanwhile, Xavi has reiterated that he will use Dembele as long as it is deemed necessary, and the French striker could help his side after his outstanding performance against napoli.A victory for Barca would give them three straight victories against Valencia for the first time in 11 years.With Barca on 42 points, the Spanish giants will retain their place in the top four.