Beidou spirit into the classroom, innovation and entrepreneurship navigation

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In the group discussion, students “through understanding the construction process of The Beidou navigation satellite system, we have a deeper understanding of the institutional advantages of China’s concentration of resources to do big things;The global application of the BDS has made me realize that building a community with a shared future for mankind is a major contribution to the world.Down-to-earth and independent innovation is a necessary spirit for national and individual growth and development.We must aim at national development, national prosperity and personal growth, and strive to improve our skills and make contributions to the country.”Recently, in ningbo Vocational and Technical College of innovation and entrepreneurship basic class, the discussion of students is extremely enthusiastic.This is a positive attempt of the teaching team of innovation and entrepreneurship basic course in the research and implementation of the ideological and political demonstration course project in Zhejiang Province.The course organically integrates the construction of the BDS, the process of hard work and innovation, with the teaching of the course of innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting the course’s ideological and political reform and achieving good results.”Design and implementation of innovative entrepreneurial foundation course, which will guide the student to new era spirit as the guide, set up the correct values, service national development, to achieve personal growth as curriculum education overall goal,” three steps “for the construction of beidou satellite navigation system content is introduced in the course of three teaching modules, achieve the goal of cultivating the new times spirit of beidou and curriculum organic integration.On this basis, also constantly excavate and ideological themes and course content of zhejiang province in the combination of spirit, entrepreneurial spirit, the ideological elements of the spirit of ningbo gang, organic into each teaching link, so as to inspire students’ innovative consciousness, improve the social sense of responsibility, forging students’ entrepreneurial spirit, promote entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship and employment of our students and all-round development.”The curriculum team leader said when introducing the curriculum ideological and political reform.In the class, students simulate the entrepreneurial process as the general task. Each study group always maintains the spirit of unity, cooperation and selfless dedication, and combines the actual life to conceive creative ideas, and makes the creative prototype step by step.In the hands-on process, my perception and understanding of innovative thinking, craftsman spirit, seeking truth from facts and entrepreneurial spirit deepened with the in-depth discussion of beidou program clips played by the lecturers at the right time.Display link prototypes, as the report person shi wants to share a classmate in her team prototype feelings: “by the teacher play the beidou system building process also must carry on the prototyping pieces, we are more profound understanding to the spirit of beidou led innovation breakthrough, cannot leave the thinking of innovation, efficient organization, fine management and patriotic spirit support.This spirit is not empty talk, but should be throughout the study, life and work of our personal growth, we must put these spirit into the study, and strive to become a professional person who can have innovation on the job.It is reported that the ideological and political reform of the basic course of innovation and entrepreneurship in Ning Vocational College is guided by the content of “Guidance outline for Ideological and Political Construction of College Courses”. With the help of the MOOC of team building, online and offline mixed teaching is organized to silently implement the ideological and political reform of the course.Before class, students can feel in advance by learning micro-lessons, news, pictures and other materials with ideological and political elements set in MOOC, such as “peer guide”, “Core values” and “Always be yourself”.In class, students have a deep understanding of ideological and political elements through teacher guidance, task completion and discussion and sharing.After class, students experience the connotation of ideological and political elements in practice by completing homework.The curriculum ideological and political teaching reform mode of “self-study of MOOC before class + group discussion of SPOC in class + opinion sharing of MOOC after class + self-summary of SPOC after class” has been formed.Student Project Roadshow Fang Jiayi, the host of the project roadshow in class, said:”By hosting this session and guiding everyone’s discussion, I was once again infected by the Beidou spirit of independent innovation, open integration, unity of one mind and pursuit of excellence in the new era jointly written by more than 400 units and 300,000 researchers participating in the research and construction of the BDS. I also saw the improvement of students’ understanding.I will bring these excellent qualities to my study and practice, and strive to make contributions to the society and the country.”Other students also expressed that they had a deeper understanding of teamwork and independent innovation through completing the course tasks, especially through studying and discussing the Spirit of beidou in the new era.Learned, the school also from innovation entrepreneurship foundation course in every school year to produce about 500 creative in selection, attend the Internet + innovation entrepreneurship competition and challenge cup venture competition, career planning competition and other kinds of contest, cultivate students’ positive enterprising, indomitable spirit and use professional knowledge innovation ability to solve practical problems, implements the class integration.The selection and competition process, adhere to the principle of moral cultivation, moral and technical education, to create a good education environment for everyone to give full play to their talents, guide students to combine course learning with job selection and professional qualification certificate, and strive for the realization of professional development goals.The ideological and political reform has basically formed an innovation point that the content revolves around a theme, the goal forms a main line, and the method has a resonance.The ideological and political content has realized the “expectation” before class, “experience” in class, “aftertaste” after class, and “harvest” after class.”The next step, undertaking foundation courses will continue to focus khalid cultivating innovative mission, digging more and better education elements into curriculum implementation, strengthen the course education function, improve curriculum education actual effect, guide students to set up the sense of national pride, resolute struggle for national faith, to raise their creative consciousness and ability, to become the preferred creative talents and efforts.””Said Han Zhu, dean of the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)