Jiangxia district held the third expanded meeting of the district Security Committee

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In order to implement the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal work safety conference and arrange and deploy the current work of work safety in the district, Jiangxia District organized the third expanded meeting of the district safety Committee on the evening of February 11.Zhang Fei, Secretary of district Party Committee, Shu Guichuan, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee and District Head attended the meeting and spoke;District committee standing committee, executive deputy District President Zeng Jianhui presided over the meeting.District leaders Liu Xin, Song Rong, Luo Shangguo, Tang Yunfeng, Chen Wei, Li Shitao, Liang Shuang, Zhang Lifeng attended the meeting.District commission for Discipline inspection and supervision in charge, district committee inspection room, district government inspection room, the streets (offices), the management committee party and government responsible person and district security committee member unit responsible person attended the meeting.At the meeting, the district security office reported the recent work situation of safety in production in the district, the deputy secretary of the District Committee and the district Director Shu Guichuan made arrangements for the current work of safety in production, and the Secretary of the District Committee Zhang Fei made an important speech.Shu Guichuan district chief requirements, one is determined to learn from one another, investigate the cause of the accident, the implementation of municipal party committee and municipal government leadership instructions;Second, the law enforcement inspection to move really hit hard, do a good job of fighting against illegal and security inspection;Three is to strengthen the organization leadership, each street each unit main leadership to grasp the work personally.Secretary Zhang Fei pointed out that at present, all kinds of safety accidents are prone to occur, many times, all departments must wake up the alarm, learn from the recent national, provincial and municipal accidents, further improve the political position, tighten the responsibility of production safety.We must do a thorough job of work safety, resolutely prevent all kinds of accidents, and ensure the sustainable and stable situation of work safety in the region.Secretary Zhang Fei stressed that the word “police” must take the lead, be sure to keep the overall situation of security and stability.All units and departments should have a clear understanding of the situation, raise awareness, firmly establish the concept of safe development, carry forward the idea of putting life and safety first, adhere to the red line awareness, strengthen the bottom line thinking, and constantly enhance the sense of crisis, urgency and responsibility for work safety.Zhang Fei secretary stressed, to “prevent” the word first, be sure to good safety production pass.First, we have demonstrated our determination to prevent illegal activities by cracking down on illegal activities such as unauthorized production, operation and construction without licenses, unauthorized production without safe production conditions, and unauthorized resumption of production after the closure and crackdown, so as to further consolidate and expand our achievements in cracking down on illegal activities.Administrative law enforcement will be intensified, and illegal production, business operation and construction units that have production safety accidents will be given severe punishment according to law.Illegal production, business operation and construction units that have been outlawed shall be strictly prevented from flinging up again.Second, to strengthen the “prevention” measures of special governance, all units and departments should intensify the investigation of hidden dangers of production safety in view of the outstanding problems and weak links existing in the process of the current resumption of work and production.On the basis of the three-year campaign of special rectification, we will focus on the safety rectification of road traffic and transportation, construction projects, hazardous chemicals, fireworks, non-coal mines, special equipment and other industrial areas, further standardize the legal order of safe production and optimize the safe production environment.Three is privately AnZha intensify “blowout”, according to “full coverage, zero tolerance, the strict law enforcement, pragmatic” the general requirements, take no notice, do not say “hello”, do not listen to the report, need not accompanied and reception way, to the grassroots and into the scene, raids, privately AnZha, rectification and seriously deal with all kinds of hidden dangers and problems seriously, a significant public exposure in the media.We should check the implementation of carbon monoxide poisoning prevention work and safety work to ensure that all deployment requirements are in place.Zhang Fei secretary stressed, to “strict” throughout the word, be sure to shoulder the responsibility of production safety.First, we will strictly implement the requirements of “The Party and the government should assume the same responsibilities, one post should assume both responsibilities, joint efforts should be made, and dereliction of duty should be held accountable” and “three must-haves”, and make work safety an important task for leading officials of all subdistricts and departments to innovate social governance and ensure and improve people’s livelihood.Each street should strictly implement the responsibility of local management of production safety, and have a clear idea of the situation of production safety, details of enterprises, key points and safety risks in the area under its jurisdiction.Second, to strictly implement regulatory responsibilities, starting from industry norms, further improve the work mechanism of combining comprehensive supervision of work safety with industry supervision, strengthen the comprehensive supervision of work safety supervision departments, and implement the professional supervision, industry management and guidance responsibilities of the competent departments of the industry.The industry supervision department with the power of punishment should strictly investigate and punish violations, and the industry management department without the power of punishment should also shoulder the responsibility of safety management, urge and correct the problems found out and transfer them to the department with the power of punishment in time.3 it is strictly to carry out the corporate responsibility, streets and departments should strictly supervise and urge enterprises to carry out the safe production responsibility, supervise and urge enterprises ready to return to work rehabilitation propaganda and education training, strengthen the consciousness of enterprise safety in production, head of the legal system and supervise the enterprise to production safety responsibility layer upon layer fulfil workshop, team and each production link, each work,The implementation of all staff, all-round, the whole process of fine management, effectively do not produce unsafe.Fourth, we will strictly carry out accountability investigation, improve and improve the assessment mechanism for work safety target responsibility, strictly implement the “one-vote veto” on work safety, strictly hold people accountable in accordance with relevant regulations on work safety, and strictly investigate them in accordance with the law and discipline without any ambiguity or appeasement.For those with many hidden dangers and accidents prone to occur, early warning, education and correction should be provided by means of interview, notification, inspection and supervision, so as to resolutely prevent hidden dangers from becoming accidents.For the occurrence of production safety accidents, shall be handed over to the district commission for Discipline inspection and supervision, relevant responsible persons for 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