Jinan public Security held the summative meeting of party history study and education of the municipal public security organs

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On the morning of January 26, jinan public Security Bureau held the summation meeting of party history study and education of jinan public security organs.Wu Desheng, deputy mayor of Jinan, Party Secretary and director of Jinan Public Security Bureau attended the meeting and made a speech.Municipal party history study education 15th tour steering group Wu Hong to guide.City public Security Bureau Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, deputy director, a police commissioner Xu Chunhua chaired the meeting.City public security bureau at home bureau leadership, each county bureau, bureau units are mainly responsible for comrade to attend the meeting.De-sheng wu pointed out that the city’s public security organs resolutely implement the deployment of the CPC Central Committee decision, the municipal party committee party history study under the guidance of education steering group tour 15 strong, accurately grasp the history of the party to study the aim of education and the key content, carefully organize the implementation, powerful and orderly, the broad masses of party members by the comprehensive spirit of refinement, the thought of political education, baptism,”Be loyal” political stance more bright, more strengthen the tenet of “service for the people” concept, “dare to strong-arm reaction struggle spirit is more high, the blade inward self revolution more deeply, the spirit of” to take “more high morale, to achieve the” learning history of the party, the enlightenment thought, does the practical work, open a new bureau “purpose.Wu Desheng stressed the need to consolidate and expand the achievements, and further promote the long-term normal study and education of party history.One is to stick to the foundation of learning, the theory of learning throughout.Will study party history education as a long-term, and always in the way of significant political task, implement the party’s 19 large and 19 all previous session spirit, red gene is inherited, and carry forward the founding spirit, absorb wisdom strength, guide the whole p resolutely defend established “two”, “two maintenance”, to write the “loyalty” “par” on the job, in career.Second, we must put the people first and work for them throughout the process.Set up the development of the thought of “people centered”, adhere to the perspective of the masses, the perspective-taking, we will intensify reform “pipes”, continuously improve service development ability, serve the community, service enterprises, serve the masses, action answer to populist huimin polity “come from where, where” the basic proposition, to improve the people’s feeling, happiness and security.Third, we will continue to lead the way with strict discipline and govern the Party and police throughout.Keep “governing party always on the road” political consciousness, compaction compaction comprehensive strictly tube party sternly jing responsibility, to speed up the establishment of new era public security supervision pattern, cohesion to promote p e evaluation of “spring” evaluation system and wisdom “jinan public security big data e supervision platform construction application, continuous integration supervision strength, strengthen the problems found, advanced measures to correct, serious enforcement accountability,Build a firm team “no lag behind, no accident” bottom line.Fourth, we must give top priority to security and maintain stability.Closely around the “to do a good job of the party’s 20 major security stability, safeguard the party’s great victory at 20” the main line, arrangement in advance during the Spring Festival, winter Olympic Games security work stability, normalized to carry out the anti-triad putting the struggle, fast detection fast break “the eight class” case, hammered DaoQiang cheat, a drug ring, pornography and other prominent illegal crime of the masses feel strongly about,We will vigorously fight against visits to Beijing and telecom and Internet fraud, and demonstrate public security responsibility in a social environment that ensures national peace and security.