Lingshan county commission for Discipline Inspection held the sixth trade union general assembly

2022-06-18 0 By

February 14, lingshan county commission for Discipline Inspection trade union sixth session of the first general assembly.Congress kicked off in the majestic national anthem, first listen to the trade union work report at the meeting, read a reply from county federation of trade unions on the meeting, congress election method, candidate members list and introduce a new trade union committee, by the director of audit committee members, female worker committee candidates resume, and review by scrutineer, JiPiaoRen.Subsequently, the general assembly in strict accordance with the election of the relevant provisions and procedures, elected a new session of trade union committee members, funds review committee members, female staff committee members.Newly elected representative of the trade union chairman said a new trade union team do speak, said it will lead the new union committee member, earnestly perform their duties, fully give play to the role of good links of cadres and workers, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of staff, staff does the practical work wholeheartedly, full protection and arouse the enthusiasm of all the cadres and workers county commission for discipline inspection,Make new and greater contribution to the high quality development of discipline inspection and supervision work.