Madexin: The Chinese national football team stayed in Sharjah to postpone their return to the U23 and continue training to find warm-up opponents

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The Chinese men’s national team returned to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates overnight after finishing the final round of the World Preliminary Round of 12.However, due to the influence of objective factors, the original plan to return to China on March 31 had to be postponed, and the men’s national team and THE U23 national team will stay in Sharjah temporarily.As a result, the Chinese Super League may have to postpone the opening of the new season on the weekend of April 22 and 23.After finishing the last round of 12 match with Oman at 22:00 local time on March 30, the national team returned to the hotel and simply packed their bags. They went directly to Muscat airport in the early morning of the next day and took the flight back to Sharjah at 3:30 am on March 31 for rest.After returning to the hotel, all the members received nucleic acid tests as scheduled.Despite the delay in returning to Korea, it is necessary for the players to undergo nucleic acid tests to ensure their health and hygiene from a quarantine point of view.The final test results were reassuring, with all members negative.Plus the day before, left sharjah’S U23 national football team has also been tested, the results are all negative.In this way, after the end of the game, all members of the Chinese football association delegation went out to stay for half a month, there was no accident.It can be said that the Chinese Football Association’s work on epidemic prevention has been successful, at least so far, without a single incident on this trip or the previous one.This is in stark contrast to many other sports teams that travel abroad to compete.However, after completing all the tasks of the games, the delegation could not smoothly return home as originally planned.This is mainly due to the impact of the domestic epidemic.Before the team’s departure, the delegation had planned to return to Shanghai from Dubai, enter the country through Pudong airport, and then be pulled to Suzhou for quarantine.However, due to the recent outbreak in Shanghai and other important local events in Suzhou, the delegation could not return as planned.Under such circumstances, the Chinese Football Association has no choice but to seek a plan to return home.In this process, two problems need to be solved first, one is the city that can enter, and the other is the hotel that can provide isolation.And if possible, it is better to provide a training ground, after all, the two teams will return to the normal training for the start of the league.After many contacts, Haikou agreed to accept the Chinese football delegation, after all, the team was originally held in Haikou training camp, and also directly flew to Dubai from Haikou.Once a team is accepted, the Chinese Football Association must re-declare and approve the route, which also takes some time.As a result, the delegation was unable to return home at the scheduled time.As to when exactly can leave for home?The date is initially set for April 3, but it has not been finalized yet.However, as previously the Chinese Football Association and Sharjah agreed that all activities will end on March 30, and sharjah club teams need to re-participate in all levels of league, so Sharjah can no longer provide training grounds for the National football team and U23 national football team as before.However, the football association is currently negotiating with the other side in the hope of resolving the pitch problem and allowing the team to train normally.During the transition period, the U23 national team continued to participate in training.After the Dubai Cup on The afternoon of March 29, the team resumed training on the morning of March 30 and had a lot of lessons on the morning of March 31.Due to the delay in the return of the entire delegation, the Chinese Football Association’s front team is helping to contact opponents, hoping that the U23 national team will play another warm-up match before returning home.On the one hand, it is rare for the team to go abroad for international matches, so they seize the opportunity to arrange more international matches since they postpone their return to China.On the other hand, during the Dubai Cup, many of the substitute players did not play very long, if we can arrange a warm-up match, it can also give them more opportunities to practice.Madhsing reports from Sharjah, UNITED Arab Emirates