No calm sea was scolded, Lei Zu lost, why is the thunder penalty so timid?The HaoTianLai

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Hello, everyone! I’ve been writing online for ten years.Today is Sunday, the happy weekend balance is insufficient, ten years here rain, but the heart is full of sunshine, I hope the book friends and ten years.Continue to say ten thousand ancient god emperor, this period of content to say why the thunder punish god so ungenerous?He was scolded in the Sea of Restlessness, lei Zu was defeated, he will continue to endure?This issue will involve people Haotian!In yesterday’s chapter, ten years is really unbearable green Su this character shaping, you know whether the flying fish really want to water words, green Su such characters are spent ink portrayal.First of all, green is a proud woman, I do not know heaven and Earth, if dust;Secondly, Qing Zur is a person without vision, with infinite god king as the goal, to enter the heart of the world as proud.Green but I do not know his opposite zhang Ruochen, in the end how much energy, a tianmu god, ancestor descendants, really do not deserve to let her lower her head to shout shizun?If you were a slaughterer, you would have succumbed.If the dust also taught the green heart of Revere heart, let her in the restless sea scold thunder punishment.Ten years feel green zur is really not can make, than once repair Chen, now wonderful, more than ten thousand thousand miles away.Repair Chen a come out, on the thunder punish god zun “do their son old caifu, can dare to war?”Wonderful this sentence really also scold accurate place in place, thunder punish god to take away his son Lei Changsheng live out of the second world, this is a fact.In fact, it is just a ploy for Chen to pass through the sea of undecided spirit successfully. For at least ten years, he thinks that Earthly God Did not follow him and is now retreating.In addition to the sea was scolded, Leizu and Zhao Gongming’s war also entered the decisive moment, Leizu tianzun lent treasures lianshen tower has also been used as the last card of the final battle.Generally speaking, the first to play the bottom card is the first to lose.In fantasy novels, the villain usually uses the bottom card first, and Lei Zu, as the villain with no problem, uses the tower of Lianshen first, which is likely to be defeated, because Zhao Gongming still has the bottom card but has not come out, perhaps Zhao Gongming’s bottom card is the master of kendo.So see, thunder punish heavenly honour not only was scolded, and Lei Zu defeat, his artifact lian god tower also want to lose, thunder punish heavenly honour will move?As if the dust judge that, the thunder punish so cherish life character, so the strong, how can rashly move?Ten years think that thunder punish heaven is now hiding from hate day to watch all that happens in the sea of undecided.So why thunder punish the heavenly honour to encounter so much tragedy, still can endure, he why so timid?Ten believes there are three reasons.One is the thunder punishment god too cherish life, also have ambition.After surviving the second life with his son Lei Changsheng, he was afraid to make fun of his life, especially when the earthly god was running out of time.And the thunder punishment also has big ambitions, should want to return to the top, when hell and heaven only god.The second is the thunder punishment god used to bear.When he was defeated by the anti-God God and his soldiers were broken, he did not choose to fall, but to live out the second life in hibernation. This is his endurance.After the birth of tianmu, he immediately withdrew, also can not bear.I’ve endured it so many times. I’ve lost it so many times. What’s one more time?The third is the Haotian.Meteorite god did not come, all the readers are very clear, but haotian really did not come?Ten years think haotian is coming.Hao tian’s daughter Xuanyuan ripple in the war, Tiangong war god Zhao Gongming in the decisive battle, Hao and how could there be no protective measures, so ten years think Hao tian, thunder punishment tianzun nature will not appear.The above is the content of this issue of ten years, only representing personal views, welcome book friends to pay attention to ten years, leave a message together to discuss, the next issue is more wonderful!