“Reference summary article” happiness 8 recent analysis -2020041

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Tip:Redesign the headlines, the article is the fifth time algorithm, but could face a long period of time after the algorithm fails, subsequent if found such problem will be second adjustment, general framework has been set, and bile code number more concise, the latest algorithm at present, the average ratio has reached 50 or so, if you need other custom functions, to leave a message,Welcome to exchange. This analysis is the latest data in 2022, excluding data in 21 years. Note:The analysis results, was established by the author himself big data analysis platform analysis, the results are for reference only, the background analysis of logic in the optimization of continuous, with his sixth sense, pick the best one to the lottery mentality is not an option, do not have too much desire, do not blindly follow suit, with a common heart to treat, the rational purchase,May be more than a copy of the winning sketch analysis results: the last drawing number and analysis:Number and 876 in this period odd number 6 in this period even number 14 in this period minimum value 1 in this period maximum value 79 in this period repeat 2 in this period repetition rate 10.0% in this period repeat value performance in 10 periods :14 out of 4 times 79 out of 4 times 50 out of the most times :12 out of 16 times 3 out of 17 times 44A total of 16 times 55 a total of 17 times 62 a total of more than 16 times the number of 50 period more recommended to use with the use of gallbladder 50 period the most missed times :26 a total of 4 times 71 a total of 4 times 38 a total of 5 times 46 a total of 5 times 1950 period the hottest three consecutive numbers :39,40,41 issued 3 times 13,14,15 issued 2 times 49,50,51 issued 2 times 54,55,56 issued 2 times 55,56,57 issued 2 times 65,66,67The number of more than 2 times in 50 period can be considered the hottest double number of 50 period :54,55 out of 5 39,40 out of 4 times 55,56 out of 3 times 50,51 out of 3 times 4,5 out of 3 times 7,8Opened a total of 3 or more times the number 50 period bile drag along with this period appear more recommended selected number: select a bravery: recommendation: 41 selected two bravery: recommendation: 24 9 selected four bravery: recommendation: 24,41,52,53 featured more code: recommendation: 24,32,41,42,45,52,53,54,60 recommendation:1,9,10,29,44,64,70Version 7,10,13,27,28,33,35,43,44,45,59,61,62,65,66,69,73 original works, shall be in writing is not easy, if you feel like this article please thumb up comment author support, your support is the power for I continue writing.