The saying “qingming cane, poison snake”, why can’t eat sugarcane?What else can’t you do?

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Tomb-sweeping Day is coming soon, because after tomb-sweeping Day, the weather will be stable, this time there will be a lot of food on the shelves, to meet everyone’s appetite, but each food has its own characteristics, there are certain taboos in the diet.For example, there is a saying that “Qingming Sugar cane poison snake”, meaning that before and after the Qingming Festival sugar cane is poisonous, even poisonous snakes, if accidentally eaten, light will cause abdominal pain, heavy will lead to food poisoning.Why is that?Qingming Festival sugar cane is really so terrible?Today, two aunts will take you to understand the matters needing attention before and after the Tomb-sweeping Day, so that you can avoid some of these unhealthy and inappropriate behaviors, so as to give yourself and your family more than a guarantee.A, sugar cane while that the above sentence “qingming sugarcane poison snakes” colloquial sounds a bit exaggerated, and sugar cane itself and no poison, but it still makes sense, because the tomb-sweeping day before and after the temperature rise, precipitation increase, sugar cane is affected by the weather is very prone to mildew, mildew sugar cane yield three nitro propionic acid this chemical,This kind of toxin is less than 0.5g will make people poisoned, so not so much qingming Festival can not eat sugarcane, as moldy sugarcane can not eat, and moldy sugarcane is not only in qingming Festival, no matter in which season can not eat.If you really want to eat sugar cane, you must buy it in a regular shop with a business license. At the same time, you must carefully observe that if sugar cane appears red hearts, you must not eat it again.Second, don’t pick the roadside wild vegetables in tomb sweeping day, because of the heat, it is the day of travel for an outing, so a lot of people at the time of traveling or offer an ancestor, all like to drop by to dig some wild vegetables come back, in fact this is no problem, two aunt also did the same thing before, but now the grass in the park potherb played pesticides or insecticides,And in the outskirts of the road side of the wild and vulnerable to car exhaust and life exhaust pollution, also not clean, if you eat it may cause physical discomfort, if you really want to eat some wild vegetables to improve the taste, it is better to try their own kind, so clean and health.Three, spiral lions powder although spiral lions powder is a bit heavy taste, but the second aunt know that there are a lot of friends like, and spiral lions meat especially beautiful during the qingming festival, so at this time is the good season to eat snails powder, but the second aunt want to remind everybody, spiral lions are perched at the bottom of humus is more, the body may contain a large number of parasites,If you want to eat outside, you must go to a shop with formal qualifications. Do not eat in cheap places, so as not to make your body uncomfortable.Is more than the qingming festival is not recommended to eat three things, in addition, two aunt also want to recommend the tomb-sweeping day drink some more “remarkably tea”, which means before the annual qingming picking processing place, such as tea, longjing, tieguanyin, jasmine tea has nourishing the liver, the effect of phlegm except vexed, diabetes, can also reduce spring fever.If the stomach is not good friends can also make rose, lily, chrysanthemum into three flower tea to quote, or milk to brew Pu ‘er, not only does not hurt the stomach, but also can be used to strengthen the stomach, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.So you can really try it!