“Crazy English” Li Yang sues ex-wife, ex-wife speaks out

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On February 13, Kim, the ex-wife of li Yang, the founder of “Crazy English”, spoke out online again about li Yang’s alleged abuse of her and her daughter and the lawsuit filed by li.Mr. Li posted a handwritten account of the incident by his daughters, Li Hua and Li Na, saying that Mr. Li had acted violently and that he wanted to portray himself as a victim.The reporter learned from li Yang acting lawyer, the case will be held on March 17 this year at 16 o ‘clock in the online court.”I wish everyone a happy Lantern Festival.It was a pity that when most people were wishing each other a happy New Year, I received a notice from the Beijing court that Li Yang was suing me.””Li jin said in the article, which was accompanied by a notice of response from the Beijing Internet Court three days ago.The reporter noted that the Beijing Internet Court filed a case on December 29, 2021 concerning the dispute over online tort liability between Li Yang and Li Jin.”And now he wants to portray himself as a victim whose ‘reputation has been damaged.'”In a post, li Jin said the damage was caused by his own actions, adding that Li Yang did not care about the harm caused to their daughter.In the handwritten account written by Li’s daughters li Hua and Li Na, the daughters accused Li of violence against them, saying, “I know my father is very violent and easily angry,” and “My father hit me with clenched fists and pushed me to the ground.””What happens at home should stay at home and not be told to others,” li’s secretary told them the day after their father abused them, the daughters said.Li Yang’s former wife, Li Yang’s lawyer, said: “The incident of domestic violence against her daughter is not true.”Li Yang, the lawyer representing the founder of Crazy English, also received a subpoena from the Beijing Internet Court.”We have no comment on Li Yang’s ex-wife’s assertion that she is being prosecuted for telling the truth.Now that the case has entered the legal process, we believe the court will handle the case fairly and impartially, and will ‘restore the truth’.”Zhou Zhaocheng said that in view of the case have entered the litigation procedure, but the accused ms Kim lee li is still on the network platform is wanton comments published without verification of infringement, in order to avoid infringement, his next will “the defendant’s tort”, apply to the court for his behavior, asked the court ban “the defendant infringement comments on the Internet,”Thus safeguard client Li Yang’s legitimate rights and interests.Lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng told reporters that previously, Li Yang did not deny the domestic violence 10 years ago, and admitted that it is very repentant, think his behavior 10 years ago is dishonorable, and blame himself as a bad example of domestic violence.”The cause of the incident is a divorced father’s normal discipline of his daughter, and there was no domestic violence against his daughter during the period,” li said.Chow believes that it is the cultural differences between China and the West, as well as the differences in the way parents educate their children, that lead to the dispute.”The significance of this case is whether parents have the right to discipline their minor children in terms of family education.Do you have the power to punish?What are the boundaries of punishment?In fact, this is not only the problem facing Li Yang’s family, but also the problem facing millions of families in China.Therefore, this case should be a typical case to promote the legislation of family education punishment power.”Mr. Chow said he hopes cases like this will push authorities to introduce legislation on family education disciplinary powers, so parents can have a law to follow when it comes to educating their children.In August 2011, Li’s ex-wife, Li Jin, first revealed on weibo that Li had abused her and posted photos of the incident.Photos showed her forehead swollen, and she accused Li of beating her in front of her daughter.After the domestic violence incident, Li Yang’s image plummeted, and the two sides also filed for divorce.During the divorce proceedings, Li declared that the marriage was an “experiment in family education” and that his three daughters were “experiments” in Chinese and American culture.The court confirmed that Li Yang had committed domestic violence and granted him a divorce from his wife li Jin, with Li paying 50, 000 yuan in compensation for mental damage and 12 million yuan in discounted property.The two sides launched a “war of words”.In August 2021, ten years later, Li Jin published a post and video again claiming that Li Yang had not only committed domestic violence but also remarried.After the long article and video came out, it sparked heated discussion on the Internet, with many people criticizing Li Yang for her domestic violence and hoping she would not forgive it any more.Li Yang did not respond to the Revelations.But his staff said: “There is hype and it is not true.”Denied that Li Yang abused his daughter.(ly: Tianmu News)