Get down on your knees!A chongqing-made rapid test for COVID-19 antigen has been approved for sale

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Get down on your knees!On March 13, a video of a man rescuing a woman from a chongqing street went viral online.The video also appeared in many Chongqing people’s moments of friends and wechat groups. The woman in the video was called “beauty hero” by netizens.Details & gt;>15 minutes at the soonest!”Chongqing” new crown antigen rapid detection kit approved listed on March 13, the state food and drug administration website, in a news release by the chongqing medical university professor huang love dragons team of research and development, the md strapdown measuring biological technology co., LTD., production will be coronavirus antigen detection kit by state food and drug administration approved the machinery in 20223400349).Details & gt;>More than 1200 Novel Coronavirus antigen tests arrive!Novel Coronavirus screening at home will begin tomorrow in some pharmacies in the main city!Upstream journalists have learned from Chongqing Peace Pharmacy Chain Co., LTD that the first batch of more than 1,200 Novel Coronavirus antigen test kits will be available in several pharmacies in the main city ona trial basis starting tomorrow (15th).Details & gt;>Quick detection of nucleic acid has a shortcut: please show the “NUCLEIC acid detection TWO-DIMENSIONAL code” in yukang code. “Yukang Code” online “nucleic acid detection TWO-DIMENSIONAL code” function, you can click “nucleic acid detection TWO-DIMENSIONAL code” through the “Yukang code” small program home page, generate nucleic acid detection two-dimensional code for yourself or your friends and relatives, and download and save to the mobile phone album for use.Details & gt;>From now on, passengers at stations, and other channels who have purchased valid train tickets before 0:00 on March 15, 2022 will not be charged for refund, and the purchase of railway passenger insurance and Internet meal booking will be handled together.Details & gt;>Wanzhou, Dazu, Dianjiang three cadres were investigated today, upstream news learned from Fengzheng Bayu, Wanzhou, Dazu, Dianjiang three cadres were investigated.Details & gt;>Attention!The toilet facilities of 23 stations of Metro Line 1 will be updated and renovated, including Jiaochangkou Station, Qixinggang Station, Liangkou Station (including Line 3), Eling Station, Daying Station…The toilet facilities in 23 stations of Metro Line 1 will be updated and renovated. Please refer to the notice of the station for the specific construction time.Details & gt;>Tomorrow night welcome spring rain!The next three days are sunny and rainy, with the highest temperature of 31℃. According to the forecast of chongqing Meteorological Station, chongqing will be mainly cloudy from the night of 14th to the day of 15th.From the night of 15th to the day of 16th, there was a thunderstorm weather process from west to east in our city. It was heavy rain to heavy rain in the south of the Midwest and some areas in the southeast. The thunderstorm was accompanied by short-time heavy rain, gusty wind, hail and other strong convective weather.Details & gt;>