Korean film box office: Marvel’s Mobias topped the list with Yoo Yeon-seok’s new film

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2022/04/01 — 2022/04/03 (according to weekend audience ranking) Ranking Film Title Release Time Share Weekend Audience Cumulative Audience 1[new] The Dark Doctor:Mobias 2022/03/30 58.1% 204,470 312,0522 [1] hot blood 2022/03/23 14.3% 51,323 328,1023 [2] mathematicians in strange countries 2022/03/09 6.6% 24,[3] Spell Back to War 0 (Theater version) 2022/02/17 4.7% 16,715 567,8295 [New] 2022/03/30 3.7% 13,531 27,0716[4] The New Batman 2022/03/01 3.1% 10,846 894,8957 [6] Spencer 2022/03/16 0.9% 3,265 755,4928 [28] Parallel Mother 2022/03/31 0.8% 3,[5] “Moonfall” in South Korea, the latest marvel film “Doctor Of the Night” has been released.Mobias became the new box office champ with nearly 60% market share.Film according to diffuse comic book, directed by Daniel Mr Pinault’s pizza, jared leto, adria horner, matt Smith, jared Harris, tells the story of moby Dr Andreas is suffering from a rare blood disease, life soon yi he is determined to find treatments, save the rest of the patients with the disease, but he soon found,The story of how the cure could be more frightening than the disease itself.The movie drew more than 200,000 viewers this past weekend.South Korean action movie “Hot Blood” fell to second place, with only a third of the number of moviegoers compared with the same period last week, despite maintaining a market share of more than 10 percent.’Mathematician in a Strange Country’ dropped to third place, drawing 24,000 in its fourth weekend in theaters.Japanese animation “Jinshu Back war 0” dropped to fourth place, with less than 5% market share.The new French film Vanishing, starring Yoo Yeon-seok and Ye Ji-won, about the discovery of a woman’s body in South Korea, directed by Denis de Kuer, came fifth.Ou Jia Ke Rui Lankou played from France to the forensic medicine, Liu Yan Xi played and Ou Jia Ke Rui Lankou solved the case together with the South Korean Interpol, Rui Zhiyuan played the translator.The movie drew 13,500 viewers over the weekend.Superhero movie “The New Batman” dropped to sixth place, closing in on 900,000 viewers after a month in theaters.Drama “Spencer” dropped to no. 7 on the list, with fewer than 5,000 admissions over the weekend.Parallel to the Spanish drama “mother” new list comes eighth, due to the contemporary Madrid mothers life by the big screen, directed by pedro almodovar, Penelope cruz, Lena, starring, plot revolves around two women parallel trajectory on the same day delivery, focused on the life world of the contemporary Madrid mothers,And the first and second years of birth.The movie version of The Japanese drama “Signal,” adapted from the 2016 South Korean drama, ranked ninth, with 2,487 viewers watching it over the weekend.Moonfall fell to no. 10 on the list, drawing 2,340 viewers in its third weekend, about a tenth of last week’s total.(Shirley Genius)