Wheelbase 2871, with 1.4T fuel consumption 5.8L, mature and stable seat driving, more comfortable than accord

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From two years of sales data, compact cars and compact SUV has always been popular models, and then is the grade higher, higher mid-size comfort, and from the perspective of a midsize car performance, year after year rapid development, especially the mainstream overseas brands, is absolutely overlord level, including the public, Toyota, Honda and nissan’s trump card products.Although the pin crown of medium-sized cars often changes, it always lingers in several cars. Today, we are going to talk about this model, which is extremely stable, with a wheelbase of 2871, with 1.4T fuel consumption of 5.8L, mature and stable seat driving, more comfortable than Accord.As a medium-sized car, the focus of consumers is no longer simple cost performance, practicality, comfort requirements are also extremely strict.A good midsize car will not only have these advantages, but also the class, the design, the powertrain.Volkswagen Magotan both from sales and word of mouth, is in line with such standards, especially mature and stable design, giving people the feeling of successful people with standard.In the interior design, the public magotan gives a person the feeling is exquisite workmanship, grade.The entire central console line straight, solemn atmosphere.The most intuitive is the air conditioning air outlet through the central console, the middle will be inlaid with a pocket watch, the sense of ritual is very sufficient.Optional 10.3-inch LCD dashboard, also support the optional front mobile phone wireless charging function, from the basic functions are relatively complete, and support a variety of mainstream configurations.The original factory uses an 8-inch touch LCD screen and supports an optional 9.2-inch LCD screen, which is highly extensible.The entertainment system, Volkswagen Magotan has eight speakers, sound quality is also very good, excellent experience.In appearance design, Volkswagen Magotan as always the atmosphere, exquisite workmanship and excellent design makes the car with a mature atmosphere.Compared with other Volkswagen models, the Magotan’s appearance is not just that simple dolls, with smooth lines and a lot of slender chrome trim, aesthetic.In terms of lamp configuration, Volkswagen Magotan adopts LED light source, with LED daytime running light and LED fog light, which is second to none in lighting effect.In terms of size, Volkswagen Magton is 4865/1832/1471mm in length, width and height, and 2871mm in wheelbase, which is a whole circle larger than the new Accord, and will naturally be more outstanding in space performance.Vw Magton’s aluminum alloy wheels are also a highlight, with geometric shapes that make the car sporty and look younger.And the seat design, Volkswagen Magotan also gives a person a mature and stable feeling, high-quality leather material, sit solid, grade sense foot.In terms of power performance, Volkswagen Magotan has two powertrains of 1.4T version and 2.0T version to choose from. The 1.4T version has the maximum horsepower of 150, the maximum torque of 250n. m, and the minimum fuel consumption of 100km can be controlled at 5.8L, indicating high economy.That’s enough power for a midsize car, and the gas mileage is good enough.Compared with other models at the same level, the driving adjustment of Volkswagen Magotan is also satisfactory. It adopts the mainstream independent suspension of macpherson type and multi-link type, with excellent stability and comfortable ride experience.For a long time, many Volkswagen family cars give people the feeling that they are in the middle and low-end route, and the overall feeling is relatively friendly, while Volkswagen Magotan has cross-level experience. As a joint venture car, compared with other joint venture models, it shows sincerity.From the feedback of previous owners, the car’s handling and cost performance are highlights, which is also the best evaluation for a medium-sized car.Of course, Volkswagen Magotan also has many unsatisfactory places. The interior odor and storage space can be optimized, and it will be better in the future development.