Will house prices keep falling in 2022?Look at the four points of analysis, just need to buy a house do not impulse

2022-06-19 0 By

According to the data of the Latest “100 Cities Price Index Report” released by the Middle Finger Research Institute, in January 2022, the prices of newly built and second-hand residential houses in 100 cities continued to decline month-on-month, but the decline narrowed, and the average price of newly built residential houses in 100 cities was 16,179 yuan/square meter, down 0.01% month-on-month.The average price of second-hand housing in Baicheng was 15,987 yuan/square meter, down 0.08% from the previous month.Although buying a home is cheaper, it also faces a lot of trouble, so many people still wait and see, so what is the trend of house prices this year?We might as well analyze from these four points.First, housing demand to reduce the house as the necessaries of life, to buy a house or a necessary, but we want to know, house prices are influenced by supply and demand, house in short supply, the seller’s market in a favorable position, competition is intense, that buy a house prices rising trend, there must be at this time when the house supply, buyers choose room is big, will occupy more initiative,House prices will follow.And the current national housing market cooled, a large part of the reason is that the house sold motionless, developers in order to accelerate the money back, can only stimulate people’s housing demand by means of the price, but the overall decline is small, prices remain at high levels, many people still can’t afford it, especially three or four line city, population loss serious, house is not good to sell, falling house prices is inevitable trend.In addition, for outsiders who just work in big cities and have limited economic strength, it is not realistic to buy a house, so they will give priority to renting a house, which can well relieve the economic pressure.Especially now people’s ideas have also undergone a considerable change, and the country is gradually improving people’s rental rights and interests. In the future, the gap between renting and buying a house may narrow, so the demand for renting will increase, while the demand for buying a house will decrease.Second, purchase channels to increase during the period of “difference”, will accelerate the establishment of public rental housing, affordable rental housing and Shared property rights housing as the main body of the housing security system, purchase channels, not only can let the people live in somewhat, the purchase cost can reduce a lot, so more and more housing family would prefer national energetical support of affordable housing,Affect the enthusiasm of people to buy commercial housing, so housing prices may be affected to a certain extent.Third, the real estate tax will be introduced in December 2021, the national financial work video conference held in Beijing, the meeting clearly to do a good job in the pilot real estate tax preparation, although the specific time has not been announced, but the real estate tax is basically a sure thing.Once the real estate tax is levied, multi-home owners will panic because the more houses they own, the more taxes they will have to pay, so they want to sell their properties as soon as possible to reduce their ownership costs.But in this way, it is easy to oversupply the situation, and the second-hand house in front of the new house is basically not much advantage, can only promote the transaction through constant price pressure, or there is a certain difficulty in reselling.Fourth, house property market state control today appreciation of the space is little, can say housing prices in a reasonable interval, but the three red lines, restricted, limited, and many other policy loan, under the regulation of housing prices rise space is relatively small, even if house prices fall, but around with some supporting policies to stabilize the housing market, so also won’t appear the scene of a housing slump.And plan to buy a house just need, in fact, there is no need to be too tangle prices, because the house in addition to investment value, the most important or its living value, as long as you seriously choose a house, don’t buy for cheap impulse, pay attention to the quality of the house, door type, supporting, etc., start with basic will not suffer losses.