Yongkang Wuyi is committed to creating a new model of “mountain and sea cooperation” in the metropolitan area

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Jinhua chapter news client on April 3, news reporter Chen bo wuyi media center Wang Guoxian on April 2nd, yongkang – wuyi shanhai collaboration joint conference held in wuyi, the two governments signed a co-construction and shanhai collaboration “enclave industry” framework agreement, which marks the cooperation of both a more solid step, implements the iteration to upgrade.It is reported that the in-depth implementation of the mountain and sea cooperation project, is to solve the development of our province is not balanced and inadequate, promote the two high-level construction, maintain high-quality development in the forefront of the inevitable requirements.Wuyi mountains is one of 26 counties, and yongkang since 2006 to carry out the “shanhai collaboration”, has 16 years pair have walked hand in hand to build road, yong Wu Liang geographical neighbors, popular dating, industrial harmony and cultural background, has been in the industry, talent, technology, culture, education, health and other areas to share more, formed the good development of mutually beneficial win-win situation.After signing the contract, the two sides will continue to cooperate on the construction of shanhai cooperation “industrial enclave”, further accelerate the coordinated development of the region, in accordance with the principle of “government guidance, market operation, enterprise leading, industry leading, complementary advantages, benefit sharing”, long-term cooperation and long-term operation.Focus on the development of modern hardware, high-end equipment and other industries, jointly create the benchmark of “industrial enclave” for in-depth cooperation, realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation, steadily promote the common prosperity of the two places, and constantly promote the in-depth and solid cooperation between Yongwu Mountain and Sea.Permanent Wu Liang to the next step, to build wealth, mutually beneficial and win-win as the goal, take positive and effective measures to deepen the innovation of cooperation and communication, both in the industry, diverse, collaborative work and the optimization of city development and so on, through the everlasting arms expressway, S312 provincial key projects such as traction drive, around the metal products, electric tools, automobile, industry such as yong wu characteristic industry,To build the industrial innovation chain integrated with Yongwu, inject more powerful new kinetic energy for jointly building the modernization metropolitan area of common prosperity in Jinhua, and set up a new model of “mountain-sea cooperation” in the metropolitan area.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com