Baidu Research Institute and Microbiome cooperation, AI can accelerate mRNA vaccine and drug development

2022-06-20 0 By

Artificial intelligence (AI) and biocomputing technologies are empowering research in the life sciences and accelerating the development of new drugs.The mRNA platform technology stands out in the research and development of COVID-19 vaccines, and the launch of two NEW mRNA vaccines indicates that this cutting-edge technology will have a disruptive impact on the biomedical industry.With the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology with biology, medicine and other industries, mRNA technology will usher in more vigorous development under the power of AI.Earlier, Baidu Research institute cooperated with Microbe (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., LTD. (microbe) on AI sequence optimization algorithm for the development of NOVEL coronavirus mRNA vaccine, and developed an efficient algorithm specially designed to optimize mRNA sequence.Extending the concept of “Word Lattice parsing” from natural language processing to computational biology, the algorithm was able to quickly design more stable and effective COVID-19 vaccine sequences.Microbial biological validation of this efficient algorithm in the molecular design of novel Coronavirus mRNA vaccine has been completed.The results showed that the novel coronavirus vaccine sequences designed by this algorithm were superior to the benchmark sequences designed by traditional methods in many important indicators of vaccine stability, protein expression level and immunogenicity.The neutralizing antibody titer (one of the most important indicators of a vaccine) of the vaccine sequence is 20 times higher than that of the traditional reference sequence.In addition to THE NOVEL coronavirus mRNA vaccine, the algorithm is applicable to the optimization design of various mRNA vaccine or drug sequences including infectious diseases, tumors and rare diseases.Recently, institute of microbiology and baidu again hand in hand, the two sides will further improve on the basis of the existing algorithm, besides expanding linear mRNA algorithm optimization research, the two sides will try to carry out the circular RNA sequence design iteration techniques such as the development of mRNA stability and translation efficiency through ascension to improve the expression amount and duration of antigen protein,It is expected to fully reflect the advantages of mRNA, that is, improve efficiency, improve safety and reduce production costs.Dr. Li Hangwen, founder and CEO of MICRObiome, said that the application of AI technology in the biopharmaceutical field is conducive to creating an interdisciplinary drug research and development platform and conducive to source innovation.Optimization of mRNA sequence with AI can help mRNA express more proteins more stably.For novel coronavirusmRNA vaccine, the algorithm designed a stable vaccine molecule with high protein expression level in 10 minutes, thus effectively solving the problem of stability in mRNA vaccine development and speeding up vaccine development.Our combination with Baidu AI algorithm will also bring greater improvement to our pipeline research and RNA platform, and more Best-in-Class products are expected to be launched.This time, microbe and Baidu Research Institute will expand the research field to circrnas, which will not only increase the stability of mRNA and translation efficiency, but also increase the safety of drugs and vaccines.It is reported that circular mRNA is the hottest and most advanced field of RNA research.Our cooperation has broken new ground and is an innovative attempt.In his opinion, compared with linear mRNA, circular mRNA is more stable and lasts longer in vivo. Meanwhile, drugs developed with circular mRNA technology will have better performance and longer medication cycle, which is conducive to improving the compliance and convenience of patients receiving standardized treatment, and has broad application prospects in the future.David Mathews, a professor at the University of Rochester in the US, commented that the algorithm designed a more structurally stable set of sequences and used optimized codons.The efficient running speed of this algorithm is key to optimizing the design of sequences that can be experimentally tested as vaccines and drugs.”The r&d and production of mRNA vaccine involves a number of key bottleneck technologies, and SMICRO has conducted its own research or cooperated with top institutions at home and abroad on each technology platform.This cooperation with Baidu has an important strategic significance to lead the domestic mRNA technology to catch up with the world level.As a head mRNA vaccine and drug r&d enterprise, the strong cooperation between the two companies can drive the r&d of mRNA and the development of the whole industry.