Beijing recently reported 35 cases of infection, clothing store transmission chain extended!Here comes the diagram

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At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in The city is still grim and complex, so it is necessary to continue to tighten the responsibilities of the four parties and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control with strict, solid and prompt efforts.We will strengthen nucleic acid testing and health monitoring for key groups such as logistics, cold chain, express delivery, and shopping malls.Citizens should continue to take good personal protection. In the near future, do not go out of Beijing unless necessary, do not go to medium-high risk areas, reduce unnecessary dinner parties, and adhere to regular prevention and control measures such as wearing masks and washing hands frequently.During the epidemic, the workload of front-line epidemic prevention and control personnel, such as medical staff, migrant workers, detection personnel, community workers, public security officers and volunteers, is heavy. In particular, those working in containment areas, control areas and isolation points have heavy tasks and hard work. Citizens should understand and support front-line epidemic prevention and control personnel.We will cooperate with epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid testing, containment and control, and isolation and medical observation, and strictly abide by all regulations. When nucleic acid testing is required, we will follow the arrangements, queue up in an orderly manner, maintain social distancing, and do a good job of personal protection.Here, also remind a gleam of epidemic prevention and control personnel, please get personal protection, mix, in close contact with people at high risk, pickup rubbish collection, environmental disinfection, be sure to wear protective clothing, gloves, N95 masks, protective face screen, or goggles, shoe covers and other protective equipment, ready to hand hygiene, ensure their health and safety.Source Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention Editorial practice editor Zhao Siyao process editor Liu Weili