Britain to the Countryside: the party and the Masses service center to build a prison to serve the people’s main position

2022-06-20 0 By

“Please keep your ID card, now that it has been verified, your pension will be credited to your bank card on time…”March 23, in the Yingxixiang party mass service center, the masses are dealing with the orderly business.”It’s very convenient to do things here. You don’t need to run to different departments. You can finish a lot of things once.Tullahan Dawuti went to the Yingxixiang Party-mass Service center. She went straight to the family planning window and took less than a minute to do her thing.British countryside party insists on “people as the center” the service idea, to the masses of thought, seeks the crowd needs, through the particulars relating to the “package”, the high frequency link “speed-up”, all matters “simple” idea, since the end of 2021 in the process of ascension transformation between service center, was completed in March 2022 formally put into use,It has set up five service Windows for comprehensive services, labor security, family planning, civil affairs and agriculture, and set up demonstration posts for Party members.We will adhere to the law and regulations, and implement the service standards and commitment system.We will ensure that the whole process of service can be traced, service safety is guaranteed, service standards are not out of shape, and service quality is not degraded, so as to constantly improve people’s satisfaction.Xu Dongmei, deputy secretary of yingxixiang Party Committee, said: “Completion is the foundation, and good use is the key.The British countryside party-mass service center set up ‘a foreign, a window to accept, one-stop service, a one-stop “service mechanism, and worked with high quality, strong business practice, ability, excellent service staff to work in the service window, to accept everything in detail to register, set the board and management flow chart, make people know clearly about the work flow of each project,Yingxia Township will continue to do its best to solve the specific problems of people’s ‘urgent and anxious expectations’ based on the reality and improve the system and mechanism to solve people’s livelihood problems based on the long-term.”(Correspondent Wang Jing and Hu Linna)