Go out to open wechat this function, than navigation is also useful!90% of people don’t know

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We use wechat every day, nothing more than: chat, circle of friends, play games…In fact, there are many hidden functions of wechat that are not well known.Today xiaobian to share these hidden functions, N times better than navigation oh, let’s have a look!01 wechat this function is better than navigation first of all, open wechat, click –, there are a lot of service functions, usually we did not go to use it, in fact, it is a pity: 01 public transport and congestion query click — this function for frequent travel and car travel, very useful.When we find the city and region we are in, we can see different colors in different regions. The darker the color is, the more crowded the population is. The lighter the color is, the fewer the people are.Click to select the hospital you want to go to, click to make an appointment, and select the department you want to make an appointment.Or point now whether children’s adult, often need to be vaccinated, especially children vaccine is very worrying, and here is a scan code directly or direct input code can directly see the vaccine production date and vaccine of true and false questions, learn how to use this feature, don’t have to worry about vaccination will go wrong.03 Air quality query click -, want to go out when you can check in advance, today’s air quality, inside the data are very detailed oh.If the air quality is too bad and the smog is too heavy, try to avoid going out.In addition, there are five insurance and one fund, convenient services and so on, can be directly in the inside of the inquiry you want to see.Wechat these few small functions, is not very practical!0201 check flow in the delivery of express, express company will give us a single, this single has a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, scan can understand where the logistics at any time, than call, check the official website is also convenient.If you want to know if it is cheaper to buy something online in the supermarket, just take out wechat and scan the bar code on the back of the product to know its e-commerce price.Wechat can also help you quickly get detailed information about books, videos and audio.Just open wechat and scan, select, and then scan the covers of books and CDS to learn more about the creators and the books and music without seeing or listening to them.If you want to buy, wechat also provides corresponding channels, you can also try to read oh.If you have trouble finding your way, this feature of wechat may help you.Swipe and select. At this point, just point the camera at the nearby street scene, and wechat will provide you with a general direction.Directions such as east, west and East are marked in the screen, so you can follow the directions even if you don’t know the coordinates.Note: This function must allow wechat to obtain your location.05 built-in translation function yes, wechat scan and translation function, but currently only support between Chinese and English translation.Nowadays, we buy a lot of imported goods, and the packages of various medicines and skin care products are all written in English. If we do not know English, we cannot know the instructions and precautions for use. At this time, we open wechat, scan, select and click to take photos.There is no need to queue up to shop at the merchants cooperating with wechat. When the merchants have already issued the receipt, the friends can issue the invoice by themselves in just a few minutes, and the electronic invoice can be quickly obtained.07 Check invoice Authenticity This function is open to some cities.You can check whether the invoice in your hand is real by scanning the code on wechat. It is a small thing to be cheated, but it is a big thing to see which black businessmen are evading taxes.08 boarding real-time information more than the gate information, as well as the departure time, and even arrived after the baggage carousel position can be one step faster to know!Super convenient ~~ these functions you can use?Use it and speed up your life!(High Quality life)