“I am an asymptomatic infected person, and my experience may help many people.”

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What do you do if your NUCLEIC acid test results are abnormal?In recent days, a shared document named “Shanghai Abnormal Nucleic acid Testing Self-help Manual” has been widely disseminated among the community owners and residents’ families.The founder, Wang Hai, was an asymptomatic infected person in the current outbreak.This article is his own account.Getting that unforgettable phone call “Your NUCLEIC acid test results are abnormal.”I was in quarantine at the hotel when I got this call.Later, I became one of the asymptomatic infected persons announced daily in Shanghai.On March 8th, someone from our company came to a meeting. The next day, the colleague was told that it was a secret connection.At noon on March 10, I received a phone call from the CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, which required me to go to the hotel to be quarantined for 14 days.On The evening of March 11, I went to the quarantine hotel by ambulance 120.On the afternoon of March 12, the nucleic acid test results came out — abnormal.The medical staff said I needed a nucleic acid injection.Soon, the site staff gave me a nucleic acid sampling.At around 3 PM, I was informed that there was a protective suit at the door, and I needed to put on the suit immediately and be transported out.An hour later, I was in a larger ambulance and headed to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center in Jinshan.Wearing protective clothing, ready to go to Jinshan Wanghai during the hospitalization of many impressive things happened to me the moment I stepped into the ward, the confusion of the heart swept away.I’m a little scared.There are thousands of patients here, and I noticed that there was a QR code attached to the bed, which said: If you have any questions, please contact the attending doctors, and they will answer them one by one through wechat.I left a message saying that I was in a strange environment and had trouble sleeping.Unexpectedly, the next day, a doctor prescribed me some sleeping pills.My sleep problems are getting better.Hospital bed wang Hai during the hospital, every day regular comprehensive physical examination and treatment.There were at least two nurses on duty on each floor, and they would tell us in minute detail what to do during the stay.During this period, I also happened a lot of unforgettable things.Fortunately, my wife and I were assigned to a ward.I was worried that she didn’t have any hot water to drink, so I always tried to boil some water and bring it to her, but every time I was seen by the nurse, I was sternly reminded not to walk around or leave the room at will.These nurses are actually very young, and when they see how much the boys in our ward eat, they take an extra helping.There was a young man who was about to be discharged from hospital after recovery. He ate a lot. Seeing several buckets of instant noodles on the nurse’s table, he jokingly asked if he could share them.This time, I went to the hospital with my wife, and nothing romantic happened. At most, I went to the hospital to buy some snacks for her, and then we synchronously watched TV dramas and movies on our mobile phones.Time suddenly became a very vague concept.I drink water, get protein and sleep so my body recovers faster.On March 24, I finally received a phone call from the attending doctor. He said, “Congratulations, your NUCLEIC acid test CT value has reached the discharge standard, and you can go through discharge procedures tomorrow.”More happily, my wife also received the discharge notice the day before.Later, the nurse came to see me to fill out some forms. She told me that I could choose to stay at home or stay in a hotel, but that I had to pay for the hotel.I chose to stay at home.On the morning of March 25th, the nurse gave me the discharge summary. I asked if I needed to pay for it.The nurse replied, “No, just take the insurance.”The deposit I paid before I was admitted to the hospital was fully refunded.In this way, my wife and I finally returned to the warmth of the home.On the bus home from the hospital, I suddenly realized that being at home was the greatest happiness. I felt relieved when I got home.Puxi was under lockdown management, and our family had made early preparations in all aspects. After all, we must win the battle.Relatives and friends showed unprecedented solidarity.Several of my good friends sent eggs, vegetables, meat and other supplies to the gate of my community, and then volunteers transferred them to my door.Every time I open the bag, I feel warm inside.After this experience, I suddenly feel that being at home is the greatest happiness.Many friends told me that they felt a little emo during home quarantine.I am engaged in Marine related work, I think at this time might as well listen to the sound of waves lapping, dolphins playing, seagulls flying on the Internet, perhaps can relieve the mood.Positive emotions are easier to help us recover. Speaking of the document “Shanghai Abnormal Nucleic acid Detection Self-help Manual” I did, I actually had the idea for a long time.Like other citizens, I have watched a lot of news and scrubbed a lot of “we media”. My mood is mixed indeed.I have been thinking, if I really want to make my hometown better, what should I do?One night, one of my friends asked me that their relative’s nucleic acid test was abnormal and needed to be isolated. He was very worried and didn’t know how to prepare.He heard I had just been through it and asked what I needed to do.Thinking about this, I suddenly realized that my experience could help a lot of people.Although many people think this is a private matter, I would like to tell you the whole process.The reason why it is called “self-help” is because I feel from the bottom of my heart that medical staff are really busy and many things can be solved by ourselves.The document is full of my own experience, very practical.Like what to do when you get a call from the CDC, or what to bring to a centralized quarantine point.The preparations for intensive isolation that Mr. Wang details in the document range from the initial awkwardness to the gradual easing of anxiety and the interactions between patients.I just wanted to write out the whole process so everyone was prepared.This document was written very quickly, about 20 minutes.I chose to share the document, I want to allow more people to write their own stories.At the end of the document, there are questions, and I hope to help those who need help.If anyone, like me, has an abnormal NUCLEIC acid test, I would like to say, do not stress too much.From my experience, people are quite tolerant of it. It’s not something to be ashamed of.What impressed me most about the document was how many people sent me screenshots of group chats that forwarded my document and told me that the document actually helped someone.In my opinion, this demonstrates the value of documentation.Don’t lose heart completely because of one or two events.While we are in the dark, we should never forget that after a few hours, we can see the sunrise.(Names changed to protect respondents’ privacy)