Yongxing Street, Jingshan City: “Green Vest” in the night

2022-06-20 0 By

“Hello, when we took a walk just now, we found that the manhole cover in front of us was damaged, which may affect the safety of pedestrians. Please go and have a look.”March 15, in yongxing street community wechat group, the masses reported that the manhole cover was damaged, the “green vests” are on patrol immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation.”Green majia” people quickly set up safety barricades around the damaged manhole cover, and timely contact processing.”I applaud their efficiency.””Said Wu Fang, a resident nearby.Every night yongxing streets will appear on the streets of a group of volunteers wearing green vests, which is organized by the streets of the “big Party + big comprehensive” patrol, they patrol the streets along the road to check safety risks, to assist the safe passage of passing vehicles, remind the new people to wear masks and maintain a one meter distance, etc..”The masses demand, we have action!”The responsible person of the street said, “the nightly patrol not only greatly solves the daily needs of residents, but also gets the general praise of residents.”(Zhang Mengjia and Zhou Yanan) Source: Jingshan Rong Media Center