Can you buy with your eyes closed and lose?

2022-06-21 0 By

With the promotion of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in China, there will be more reasons affecting the coal market in the future, and the level of influence will be deeper. I hope you will pay attention to it in the future.In the future, coal enterprises will develop into coal + scenery power layout, which is the general trend, when coal hangs the name of new energy, where is the valuation?Entering new energy is the right time – national advocacy, location – money, continuous cash flow, and – the sense of urgency of carbon credits.Of course, there are many people who prefer to pay a large dividend, but in the long run it is better for individuals to plan their carbon credits more.Coal concept shares: 000937 Jizhong Energy, 601001 Jin Kong Coal Industry, 601666 Ping Coal Shares.Pay attention to me!!!!!!!Learn more!(This advice is for investment reference only, and the operating risk is at your own risk.Customer: Wang Zhihui, Certificate No. : A0690612110001)