Caofeidian Port: Production is in full swing

2022-06-21 0 By

Reporter kong Xianghua zhao Guanqun Correspondent Li Chao Spring comes early in the Year of the Tiger.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, on the day of the beginning of Spring, three ships of Hongyi Wharf Branch of Caofeidian Port Group Co., Ltd. arrived at the port. At the same time, there was a small peak of berthing and berthing.Approaching the gate of the closed and closed-loop management zone, the reporter saw four members of the epidemic prevention team organizing nucleic acid tests, contacting people, collecting lists, maintaining order, and fully cooperating with the medical staff to provide strong support and guarantee for the orderly and stable operation of the boarding operation.Into the dock, early in the morning arrived at the frontier port Yao Qiang branch deputy manager, is leading hai-rui zhang, deputy director of the operation department director on duty Gao Zhidan and warehousing department on duty captain Liu Hairui, check the port of epidemic prevention and control work, check the road mobile machinery control situation, supervise the implementation of dust control measures, check on work safety in production requirements.He told reporters, according to the company deployed hony terminal feasts accumulative total of 231 cadres and workers to give up and their family, work, fight, continue to work as bullishness, Yang from, to guarantee efficient and stable during the festival, open new start to the year of the tiger was hot, full practice of state-owned enterprise bear the social responsibility.In the cold wind, 3 fitters on duty have just completed the task of emergency repair of the door machine.It was learned that half an hour ago, they received a notice of emergency repair of the crane door, rushed to the scene, properly handled, efficient cooperation, within 30 minutes to quickly eliminate the fault, providing a strong guarantee for the docking and departure.At noon, the door machine operation has not stopped.At this point, the logistics staff will send a lunch to the plane, a door machine operator take the initiative to shift operations, again open the stop people do not stop the key mode.Busy production, spare time maintenance, festive atmosphere did not dilute the port people’s enthusiasm for work.Reporters in the yard to see several division pound member figure from time to time in the pound shuttle.They are taking advantage of the idle time of stopping the steam collection port to check and wipe the bayonet equipment and make full preparations for the subsequent production of “full power”.Is the cargo stack, area column, road between the organization of cleaning, check stack card, check information storage department on duty captain Liu Hairui told reporters that today is an important day for the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, our staff are full of strength, with practical action to show the people of Caofeidian port.According to Yao Qiang, during the 7-day Spring Festival holiday, the branch accumulated loading and unloading ships for 8 times and completed the volume of 593,000 tons.Source: Huanbo News network