Make a reducer with two equal gears

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This is a novel.It is a small workshop in Jingan Mountain Villa, making small things for a living.Business was very good in the past, have made a lot of practical things, such as blizzard plum needle, pheasant ling, xianle rain lotus, etc.But with the development of times, business is getting worse and worse.In order to change the situation, the owner of Jing ‘an Mountain Villa sent a young man to attract business.The young man’s name was Entropy, and it was said that the owner of the farm had recruited him because of his name.The owner once said, “Entropy is flourishing in business, and it only increases.”Entropy is not tall, not handsome, but not ugly.The first impression he gives people is: pleasing to the eye.And because he was easy on everyone’s eyes, and he knew how to do things, everybody liked him, or at least nobody hated him.But he’s only been here three days, and he’s already made a mess.Although only three days to the big half a year did not live fan Rain workshop to attract a business, the reward is very generous, really have two down, but a look at the requirements of the gold owner, I immediately speechless.Design requirements: make a reducer with two identical gears, deceleration ratio 2:1.Below, entropy wrote a small line, probably because he didn’t know what the reduction ratio was and asked The gold master: “The input axis turns twice, and the output axis turns once.”Temporary wang master also gather together to have a look, suddenly could not help bursting out laughing, said: “This is what business ah, such a wonderful design requirements!Entropy, where did you find the money? He’s kidding, right?”Entropy looks a little confused. Maybe he doesn’t understand why Master Wang is smiling so happily. He just answers in a low voice, “The gold owner belongs to Wanmei Villa.”The words were small, but Master Wang stopped laughing and looked at me. “You can talk to the farmer yourself about this.”Then he skipped town.The owner of the money is wanmei Villa, so this business is not to do it must be reported to the owner, get approval.I had to reason my way of thinking and prepared to say to the owner: It is true that two gears can be used as a reducer, but they must be one big and one small, and the small one must drive the big one, because the circumference is different, the big one must turn slower than the small one, so that the effect of deceleration can be achieved.But if you want to use two identical gears, that is, two gears of the same size, there is no way to slow down.The owner’s instructions were simple: If I could prove I couldn’t do it, the deal was off.That’s a relief. The owners are open-minded.Because the proof should not be difficult, I did not take it seriously, busy other to go first, and so after dinner leisure time to prove.Just use proof by contradiction: suppose two gears of the same size meshed together with a 2:1 transmission ratio.Then, from this, deduce the conclusion that contradicts the existing axioms or theorems.Unfortunately, what make I did not think of is, I how card also card not come out!!What to do?If I couldn’t, I had to design two equal gears with a 2:1 reduction ratio.The money is the money. It’s a tough business.It’s not hard. I don’t know what to do.”There’s another way.”Entropy said.”What way?”I asked.”Go ahead and do it!”Well, it seems to be the only way.In a few days, if I have something to show you, I will send it to you.Since I can’t prove it can’t be built yet, I’d be on the safe side by not Posting comments like, “I’ll eat it if I can.”