National football team lost to Japan 0-2, 2 shots, 0 shots on target, Huang Jianxiang: Vietnam must win

2022-06-21 0 By

China lost 2-0 to Japan in the round of 12 of 2022 World Cup Asian Qualifiers on Jan 27 (Beijing time), further dimming its chances of qualifying for the group stage.The loss was expected, but the process of the game still gave the national fans a solid lesson, the current stage of the Gap between China and Japan is far more than the 0-2 score can reflect.Jiang Guangtai, China’s big defender, had expressed his hope that he could win a clean sheet against Japan before the match.But Chiang’s hopes were dashed after just 12 minutes when The referee awarded Japan a penalty after Wang touched the ball with his arm while defending.Yan junling correctly judged the penalty but failed to keep the goal, giving Japan an early 1-0 lead.In the rest of the game, Japan dominated China for most of the game, dominating the offensive initiative and pace of the game with a whopping 64 percent possession rate.China’s 36 per cent possession rate meant that the national team spent two-thirds of the game on passive defence, which meant it lost.Japan had 17 shots on goal, while China had just two.Japan shot on target 6 times, China’s total number of shots on target in the game is 0.Japan had 11 corner kicks to China’s one.Just by comparing the technical statistics after the game, you can see the gap between the two teams, at a glance, if there is a gap.I believe the Chinese players knew they weren’t destined for a good year when they first saw the round of 12 schedule.After the game, National team captain Wu Xi stood in front of the camera as usual guilty, lost the game, also few wonderful shots, can be said to be hung by the opponent, natural face without light.What can I say?Seeing the huge gap between us and our opponents and not doing enough in details, we will adjust our mentality and play well in the following games.Huang Jianxiang, a famous football commentator, said after the match that there is a huge gap between China and Japan at the present stage, which is the gap between Chinese and Japanese football. It is not only that The Chinese men’s national football team cannot beat the Japanese national football team, but that Chinese football lags behind Japanese football in all aspects.Huang jianxiang’s comments are poignant and true.The red hoodie and the atmosphere of the studio being decorated with lights and decorations for the New Year are in sharp contrast to huang Jianxiang’s serious look, deep voice and deep mood. Just like the contrast between the increasingly powerful China and the national football Team, there is a sense of coolness and anxiety that should not have appeared everywhere.Huang jianxiang said that before Li xiaopeng took office, in fact, the national football team’s chances of entering the World Cup have been zero, which is well known to everyone.We lost the game to the Japanese team convincingly, but not as well.At the same time, Huang jianxiang said that the national football team must defeat Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, which is the last chance for Chinese football, and the victory over Vietnam will be the explanation for the national football team’s fans.There is no need to say much about the worldwide influence of football, but in the end, football is just one of all team sports, and losing only annoyances the fans, with no more serious consequences.Come on, cheer for the National football team on the first day of the New Year.And don’t forget to cheer for the Chinese women’s football team, who are in India at the Women’s Asian Cup.