Posthumous effect noun interpretation

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Residual effect refers to the pharmacological effect that occurs when plasma drug concentration drops below the effective level after drug withdrawal.1. Sequelae are the defects or functional obstacles of some tissues and organs left after the basic improvement of the condition.Function refers to the characteristic activities of tissues, organs, limbs, etc. For example, the function of hands is to work with tools, the function of lower limbs is to support the body and walk, the function of stomach is to digest food, the function of brain is to think, etc.2. The residual effect may be caused by the firm binding of the drug to the receptor, the target organ drug has not been eliminated, or the irreversible tissue damage caused by the drug.Tissue organ, a term used in animal biology, is an organ that is higher in rank than tissue, but has no specific form or function.3. Residual effect of antibiotics: after antibiotics, leukocytes promote sexual response, which can improve the phagocytosis ability of phagocytes and prolong the time interval of antibiotics administration.Mononuclear Phagocyte system (MPS) consists of monocytes free from blood and macrophage which develops after entering various tissues.Macrophages have strong phagocytosis and are a kind of main antigen presenting cells, which play a key role in the induction and regulation of specific immune response.