“Taobao-style Spring Festival” is also the meeting point of “Spring Festival economy”

2022-06-21 0 By

Tiger Spring Festival, the flavor is strong.With the popularity of online shopping, delivery as usual during the Spring Festival has become a big trend. More and more consumers online shop for Spring Festival goods through Taobao and other e-commerce platforms and send them home. People arrive before the gift first, stay at home to see the world, and pick up New Year dishes the next day…Fancy “Spring Festival does not close” service, opened the “New Year goods economy” new picture.(Economic Information Daily, Feb. 9) Every year was similar, but every year was different.With the change of times, the way and content of Chinese New Year are changing quietly.Different customs vary from mile to mile.Although people’s way of celebrating the New Year is slightly different, but there is one thing in common, that is, the New Year must buy New Year goods, thousands of years of traditional customs have been inherited up to now.Now, the “Spring Festival economy” is also quietly changing, in the traditional context, often into the twelfth month is the month to concentrate on buying New Year goods, people have to go to the market to buy New Year goods.Now “Taobao New Year” emerged at the historic moment, greatly changed people’s New Year’s habits, people stay at home, gently on the mobile phone, instant order, all kinds of New Year goods will be “home” in a short time, timely purchase of their favorite goods, convenient and fast.”Taobao New Year” to find the “Spring Festival economy” convergence point.At present, the epidemic has not been eliminated in China, and some places are even rebounding. In this situation, it is particularly important to reduce the gathering and movement of people.Chinese New Year people do not need to go to the market or supermarket to buy New Year’s goods, they can buy at home, not only reduce the risk of infection and infection, and can buy fresh New Year’s goods, naturally favored by people.On the other hand, “Taobao New Year” fits the characteristics of the resource-conserving society.In the past, every family had to store a large amount of New Year goods for a rainy day.Some New Year goods have a certain shelf life, once more than the time is easy to mold or even deteriorate, causing food waste not to say, but also cause food poisoning harm to the body.This year’s goods need not buy much, with how much to buy how much, break for the timely order on Taobao, New Year’s goods will be continuously delivered to the door, so do, to avoid unnecessary waste not to say, but also to people’s health more than a guarantee.Nowadays people love to say that everything should keep pace with The Times, no matter how The Times develop, the purchase of New Year goods is an essential New Year “procedure”.Why is the taste of years getting weaker and weaker?The reason is related to the change of the way of Chinese New Year.In the past to go through the streets, and now the phone, wechat New Year’s greetings instead of face to face;Buy a mobile phone can be done, no longer go to the store to suffer from fatigue, “the taste of the year” will naturally dilute a lot of.”Taobao Style New Year” to find the “New Year goods economy” convergence point, is also the new era under the new situation of the “New Year scenery”, worthy of praise.(Li Hongjun)